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Mr. Xie Junxiao’s Ribs Fractured Twice; Suffered Serious Illness Due to Torture in Hebei Province  
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Mr. Xie Junxiao, male, a resident of Beitun Village in Luancheng County, Hebei Province.


At about 7 p.m. on January 25, 2002, police from the Liulintun Police Station arrested Mr. Xie because he practiced Falun Gong. At the police station he was tied down on an iron chair (a kind of torture device) with both hands cuffed. Since he refused to renounce Falun Gong, the police station’s driver was ordered to slap Mr. Xie on the face more than 30 times, deforming Mr. Xie’s face. At around 9:30 a.m. the next day, officer Fang Zefeng directed policemen Zhang Jianli and Wu Mengqiang to tie up Mr. Xie with rope, cuff his hands, and then hang him up in the air for over three hours. Mr. Xie was not let down until his face had turned extremely pale, his heart began to palpitate, he became dizzy, and his whole body shivered all over. After the torture, he lost the sense of touch in his hands and his whole body was numb. Three days later, at 9 a.m., he was sent to the Luancheng County Detention Center, where he was locked up in a cell, where the ribs on his left side were kicked until fractured by an inmate. On February 14, 2002, Mr. Xie was released on bail.


On April 15, 2002, while Mr. Xie was working in a field, policemen Zhang Jiantang, Xue Xiushu, and others from the Liulintun Police Station arrested Mr. Xie and sent him to the Luancheng County Detention Center again because he had continued to practice Falun Gong. He was detained in the No. 7 cell, where the Tong Haitao, the head of the cell’s inmates, incited inmates to pour about 40 basins of cold water on his naked body twice a day. Mr. Xie had difficulty breathing during the torture. Sometimes, inmates kicked and beat him after dousing him; sometimes they poured water on him with his clothes on, then turned on an electric fan to blow his clothes dry. Once, inmates Zhao Qingzhou and Sun Yuehui urinated on his body. Inmate Zhao Yubo once stepped on Ms. Xie’s back with his full weight.


Inmates Zhu Wenge, Xu Yuelai, and Zhao Qingzhou often kicked Mr. Xie and beat him on the head with the soles of their shoes. Inmates Sun Yuehui and Hao Shubin often hit his chest, fracturing his ribs again, and he suffered intense pain from breathing. Once, Tong Haitao inserted a burning cigarette into Mr. Xie’s right nostril, causing a constant nosebleed. Several times, Tong tied him with towels onto a metal bar beside the wall. His arms and legs were tied so tightly that his blood circulation was blocked; one of these times, he was tied so tightly that his face became extremely pale and he became very weak. He felt flustered and sick, almost threw up, and had diarrhea. Meanwhile, he was not allowed to use the restroom, and the inmates threatened to wipe his excrement into his mouth if he could not control the diarrhea. After he was untied he was too weak to move, and could only lie on the floor. Then, Tong ordered one inmate to urinate on his face, and the urine even flowed into his mouth. Once, inmate Wang Jiyong poured two small bottles full of ageratum (containing menthol) into Mr. Xie’s right ear, causing a severe burning sensation. Once, inmate Gu Hongbin put ants in both his ears and on his body to torture him.


Tong ordered inmates to push and hold him down, while hitting his buttocks with the bottom of his shoes over 30 times, until Tong was exhausted. They also hit him on the face with their shoes, distorting his face. After that torture, they bent his arms and hung him upside down with towels from the heater pipe. Tong further ordered one inmate to wipe a stinging liquid (containing menthol, garlic, and small hot chili peppers) onto his private parts. He also ordered inmates Hao Shubin and Xie Xinggui to hold Mr. Xie’s feet and drag him along the floor, using him as a mop to clean the floor. This occurred at least five times.


Later, Mr. Xie was sentenced to six years in prison and transferred to the Jidong Prison in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Due to the torture, he suffered from serious anemia, acute leukemia, and also gallstones. He has been released on bail for medical treatment.

type=Case, Torture; type=Detention Center, Luancheng County Detention Center; location=Hebei, Luancheng

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