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Li Wei Suffers Brutal Torture; Nipples Cut Off with Tin Snips  
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Mr. Li Wei, 38, male, resident of Liaoning Province. 


In July 2003, Mr. Li was arrested and sent to the Yingkou City Detention Center because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. During his detention, he was subjected to all kinds of brutal torture. He was bound to a bed for an extended period and was forced to wear shackles. The camp guards often beat him brutally, and they instigated the inmates to torture him too. These beatings resulted in injuries to his chest and head. As a result he suffered headaches, unbearable chest pain and pressure, and acute anxiety syndrome. His legs and kneecaps were swollen. His eyesight deteriorated to the point that his vision was constantly blurred. At times, Mr. Li lost the ability to take care of himself.


Still, the inmates relentlessly tortured and humiliated him. They hit his eyes and slammed the back of his head against a wall. When Mr. Li lost consciousness, two inmates would lift him up, and then throw him onto the floor several times to wake him up. They rubbed pepper oil into his eyes, nostrils and genital areas. They kicked and stepped on his genitals, and cruelly cut off his nipples with tin snips. They also cut other areas of his body, including his scrotum, causing pus and blood to seep all over his pants. The inmates also tortured Mr. Li by pouring a pot of boiling water onto his body, scalding his chest and abdomen, and they burned his hands and feet with cigarette lighters.

Mr. Li was eventually sentenced to three years in jail, with a three-year delay in the start date of his serving this time.

type=Case, Torture; type=Detention Center, Yingkou City Detention Center; location=Liaoning, Yingkou

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