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Du Guolin Paralyzed due to Torture at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp  
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Mr. Du Guolin is from Tonghua City in Jilin Province.


Du Guolin was arrested in May 2003 while telling people the true facts about the persecution of Falun Gong. He was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor, and sent to the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in September 2003.


Since arriving at the labor camp, Du Guolin has been severely tortured. When his family visited him for the first time, they saw that his eyes were bloody. When they visited him again in early March 2004, his condition had worsened. Another prisoner had to carry him into the meeting room, because one of his legs was paralyzed. His face was very pale, he could not see clearly out of his right eye, his right hand was so weak that he could not use chopsticks, and he was so skinny that he was almost unrecognizable. His child complained about Mr. Du’s condition to the policeman who was head of the team on the first floor at the labor camp. The team head replied, “If you want him to be bailed out, you have to wait until the People’s Congress and Political Consultative Conferences finish”.


In mid March 2004, Mr. Du's family received a notice asking them to send money to the hospital to pay for a checkup for him. When they went to the labor camp to get him, they witnessed three labor camp policemen beating and kicking him to make him put on his clothes, even though he was very emaciated and could not take care of himself. Only after Mr. Du’s family paid the policemen, did the latter allow them to dress him themselves.


In late March, Mr. Du's family received another notice from the labor camp, saying that Mr. Du had become paralyzed and was suffering from an array of illnesses, some of which were affecting his internal organs. The labor camp asked his family to find their local police station and follow the necessary procedures to bail him out. They did so and sent the papers to the labor camp on April 1, 2004. As of April 7, 2004, they had not heard any news from the labor camp.

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