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Ms. Song Guixian Becomes Severely Traumatized and Unable to Speak from Torture  
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Ms. Song Guixian is a 39-year-old laborer from Tumenzi Village, Qinglong County, Qinghuangdao City, Hebei Province. As of the time this article was written, she is still in detention.


Ms. Song has been to Beijing four times to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong. Each time she was arrested, detained and brutally tortured. The second time she ventured to Beijing to appeal, Ms. Song was arrested in Tangshan City, escorted back and put into the detention center in her hometown, where she was kept isolated from the other dozen or so Falun Gong practitioners. The police beat Ms. Song with their fists, kicked her, whipped her with leather belts, forced her to lie face down on the ice (in order to create icy conditions, they had poured water on the floor in the winter and waited until it was frozen) and forced her to stand or half-squat for a long time. They bound her hands and feet together and left her in that position for eight days. She was released fifteen days later.


In 2000, Ms. Song went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.  In Qianmen [the market adjacent to Tiananmen Square], the policemen there handcuffed Ms. Song for more than an hour, beating and kicking her to punish her for her peaceful appeal. Ms. Song was then transferred to the detention center, where she was whipped with leather belts and bound with chains. She was released more than forty days later. After Ms. Song returned home, officials from the police station sent her to the local detention center, where the police had put shackles on the Falun Gong practitioners being detained there and frequently beat and kicked them. To stop Falun Gong practitioners from doing exercises, they handcuffed them to an iron ring.


In November 2000, Ms. Song again went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and the police pushed her to the ground, stepped on her neck and dragged her into a police car. She was transferred to the Mentougou Detention Center. She was released after six days.


In the spring of 2001 in a detention center, the director, named Wang, whipped Ms. Song more than twenty times to punish her for going on a hunger strike. Other policemen put shackles on her while five male criminals held her down on the ground and force-fed her. She was released after 46 days.


Two months later, Ms. Song was detained a fifth time. The police bound her hands and feet together with iron chains weighing up to 20 kilograms [approximately 50 lbs]. The chains cut deeply into her flesh. Ms. Song was shackled with these chains for 37 days. The guards brutally force-fed her. Male criminal prisoners held her lips with a pair of pliers to force her mouth open. Her lips bled every day and were seriously swollen, and the skin on her lips peeled off. Ms. Song was tortured like this for 76 days. Only when she became extremely weak and emaciated did the detention center release her.


On June 27, 2002, Township governor Li, together with the director and vice director of the local police substation, forcefully sent Ms. Song directly to the detention center. Ms. Song’s feet were injured when they dragged her into the police car. On June 28, 2002, the policemen from the Public Security Bureau sent her to the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. In the evening, police tortured Ms. Song using a special method called “Flying Eagle” (total sleep deprivation) for two weeks straight. Head Wang of the labor camp beat her until her nose bled. During a force-feeding, he instructed several criminal prisoners to hold her to the ground with full strength until she was out of breath and passed out. They then tried to get her to regain consciousness by beating and stabbing her with sharp objects. The force-feeding continued after she regained consciousness. One day, a police squad leader named Jia dragged Ms. Song down from the fourth floor to the yard, tied her with ropes to a tree, and beat her up. Later, about six team leaders came over and joined in the beating until Song had a bloody nose and a swollen face. After two days and nights of torture, they left Song to the criminal prisoners who taped her mouth shut, beat and kicked her, and stomped on her legs. She could no longer walk or even squat at that time. After over a month of torture, Song’s whole body was covered with wounds inflicted by twisting, pinching, dragging and beating. She was extremely weak, and they forcibly brought her to the male team for intravenous injection. With her hands and feet bound to a bed, Ms. Song was exposed to extreme cold. After more than ten days of such torture, Song was transferred to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. When she arrived at the labor camp, the police forced her to run laps outdoors. In her weakened state, she fell down on the ground and injured her feet and legs.


The criminal prisoners, who were directed by the police and offered reduced terms for their participation, frequently beat practitioners. They hit Song on her head with a rolling pin, covering her head with bruises. During the daytime, Song was forced do heavy labor such as sifting sand to remove debris, mopping the floors ten times a day, cleaning the washroom, etc. There were six cesspits in the washroom which served as toilets and she was required to rinse each cesspit with ten basins of water. At noon, they did not allow her to rest, and made her mop the floor. When she was done, she had to sit on the wet concrete floor. In the evening, her hands were cuffed to two metal rings on the floor until midnight.


Later, Ms. Song was again deprived of sleep. They forced her to mop the floor and clean the washroom again. She was not even allowed to use the bathroom. Once, Song had to use the toilet while she was cleaning the bathroom. Criminal prisoner Fan Lili saw her and kicked her to the ground, pulled off her shoes and used them to beat on her genital area until she was bruised.


Criminal prisoner Zhao Lijun beat Song with the soles of her shoes until Song’s face was black and swollen. Every time after Song was tortured and beaten up by the leader of the squad, Zhao Lijun, Fan Lili and another criminal prisoner would not allow Song to enter her cell. They dragged her into the washroom where they kept torturing her. They stabbed Song’s hands with needles, and poured water into her nose and mouth, etc.


One day, while Song’s hands were cuffed from behind, Dr. Bai inserted a rubber pipe, about the size of a small finger and over a meter in length, into her stomach via her nose. Song’s mouth and nose started to bleed. When she resisted the violent procedure, he shocked her on her face with an electronic baton, and stepped on and twisted her face. Song’s face was bleeding and bruised. This type of torture lasted over a month.


Criminal prisoner Jiang Hong, on the orders of the head of the squad, shoved a dirty sock into Song’s mouth with such force that her mouth started bleeding.  With her hands cuffed from behind, Song was then beaten up until she lost consciousness as well as the control over her bladder and bowels.


The squad leaders Huang Bao, Li X, and Zhang X, brought Song to the foot of a tower, where they took turns beating her with a wooden stick and shocking her with an electric baton.


Once, in a vegetable field, Political Instructor Zhao X, instructed two criminal prisoners to dig a hole in front of Song, and said to her, “If you do not renounce your belief in Falun Gong, we'll bury you alive.” Using all possible means and threats, they tortured her for four nights in attempt to make her give up her belief in Falun Gong.


Another time, on the orders of the head of the squad, criminal prisoner Zhao Lijun poured ink on Song’s face and wrote slanderous words on her clothes. Zhao also hung a sign around Song’s neck with words that defamed Falun Gong. Then Zhao led Song to each cell, mocking her in filthy language in order to insult her human dignity and abuse her spiritually. A drug addict with a bowl of porridge tried to persuade Song to stop her hunger strike. When seeing that Song had no intention of cooperating, the drug addict and other criminals unfastened Ms. Song’s belt and poured the steaming hot porridge into the neck of her sweater. It streamed all the way down into her trousers and along her legs. At that time, her legs were very swollen from all the beatings. Song was not allowed to wash or change her clothing and it took four days for her clothes to dry using only the warmth of her body.


On the evening of May 15, 2003, squad leader Huang Bao ran towards Ms. Song and kicked her in the chest with a powerful flying kick that is used in martial arts. Song was thrown back several meters and fell to the ground. He repeated attacked her with flying kicks, and Song’s chest was severely bruised after each blow. After he was finished attacking her with flying kicks, he beat her thighs with a wine bottle.


One evening, Huang Bao brought Song to a pile of sand she had sifted during the day. Together with several criminal prisoners, he lifted Song up into the air and threw her down on the sand pile repeatedly. At the time, Song had already been on hunger strike for twelve months. She weighed less than 35 kilograms [about 85 pounds]. This form of torture can break a person's back and injure a person's internal organs without leaving any outward bruises. They also shocked Song constantly with electric prods. Then they dragged her into the cell and tied her to a metal ring in the ground until midnight.


During one force-feeding session, director Yang, squad leaders Wei, Li, Chang, Zhang, Ma, and Ye, together with some criminal prisoners, held Song to the ground, and pried open her teeth with pliers. Song’s mouth was covered with blood. They continued for two days, about two hours a day. About four electric prods were used on Song’s body each time. Li and a criminal prisoner injected chili sauce with vinegar into Song’s mouth and then sealed her mouth with a bandage. Chang injected alcohol into her nose and burned her hands with a cigarette butt [Falun Gong practitioners do not smoke or drink so frequently guards torture them by forcing them to drink alcohol or putting cigarettes in their noses as a form of humiliation].


One evening, director Yang, and squad leaders Li and Zhang fashioned a cross and cuffed Song to it. When the director of the Bureau came for inspection, the two squad leaders hid the cross and handcuffs and told him how well they treated her. One evening, director Yang, and squad leaders Li and Zhang dragged Song to a vacant house, handcuffed her to a metal frame and left. Soon a figure with disheveled hair, pretending to be a ghost, arrived in order to frighten her.


One day after Ms. Song finished sifting sand, police guard Zhang led her into a room containing pictures and signs on the walls, defaming Falun Gong’s founder. About half an hour later, eight police guards, including director Yang, and squad leaders Zhang, Ye, Ma, and Zhao, entered. They forced Song to kneel on a Falun emblem [the respected symbol of Falun Dafa] in the middle of the room in order to humiliate her and cause her psychological trauma by forcing her to defame her belief. One of the squad leaders came up to Song and put her head between his legs. Two of the squad leaders bound Song’s arms behind her back with thin rope. Her arms were turned up at a 90 degree angle and the string cut into her flesh. Two policemen kicked her arms back and forth as if they were kicking a bag. Five minutes was all it took to turn Song’s arms black and blue. They call this form of torture “On Strings.” Next, two policemen shook Song’s arms back and forth, and pushed her head rapidly from side to side until Song was completely dizzy. Then they subjected her to a second round of “On Strings.” In a span of two days, Ms. Song was subjected to the “On Strings” torture a total of eight times. The head of the police team said, “Any man would cry out for their mother and father after two rounds of ‘On Strings.’ We have forced all the others that were tortured like this to renounce their belief.”


At the time, Song was tortured to such an extent that she was no longer able to speak. In order to make Song speak and eat, the police beat her so hard that she could no longer walk. They even brushed Song’s teeth with urine and stuffed a used sanitary napkin into her mouth. They did not allow her to sleep at all. What's worse, they taped Song’s upper eyelids open to keep her from sleeping. After all this torture, Ms. Song was severely traumatized and unable to speak.

    ©2003-2007 Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group, All Rights Reserved