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Wang Minli Became Homeless to Avoid Persecution  
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Ms. Wang Minli, female, 40, is a resident of Jilin City, Jilin Province, and former Secretary of the Chinese Party Youth League Committee at the Jilin City Leather and Fur Factory.


On May 13, 2003 around 9:00 a.m., the Chairman of the Political Security Office of the Changyi District Police Station, Du Xingze, and a second person forced Ms. Wang to jump from the sixth floor of a building where she was printing Falun Gong materials. She was severely injured from the fall, and she had difficulty walking. Despite her injuries, the police beat her until she lost consciousness. When she woke up, she had already undergone surgery at the Jilin City Hospital. The doctor’s examination revealed that she had torn cartilage and costal cartilage fractures in her chest area and her back; three of her ribs were dislocated, and she had a fracture in her left shoulder. In addition, the doctor had to cut her trachea open, leaving her unable to speak. Yet Du Xingze still interrogated her. Policemen monitored her during her hospitalization. Although she still had a fever of 102o F, Du Xingze forced her to leave the hospital in order to “interrogate” her more easily.


Because Ms. Wang refused to reveal the source of the printed Falun Gong materials, at around 3:00 p.m. on June 4, 2003, the police from the Changyi District Police Station imprisoned her in her rental room; they welded iron bars outside the windows and locked the door from the outside. The police took turns watching her around the clock. The head of the Dongdatan Police Station, Wang Zhongren, ordered them not to allow her to sleep. They kept the lights on around the clock, turned the TV volume all the way up, and played porn videos. They kept the windows open so that the mosquitoes could come in and bite her. Because they knew she had trachea surgery, they continuously smoked in the room, causing her to cough incessantly. She suffered from severe headaches and shortness of breath. With rotating shifts of police harassing her around the clock, she could barely get any sleep. She was only given a little food every day, and her medical treatment was stopped, although she had not yet recovered from her injuries, or from the surgery.


Du Xingze tried many times to extort money from her family for supposed medical expenses, but her family refused. Therefore, Du Xingze and other policemen harassed them and took away their personal property. Ms. Wang’s mother and second elder sister were forced to leave home and wander the streets to avoid this harassment. Her nieces were expelled from school. Ms. Wang’s son became ill due to Du Xingze and the others’ continuing threats and harassment. The police often harassed her elder sister’s family.


On July 7, 2003, Ms. Wang managed to escape. She became homeless to avoid being recaptured and tortured further.

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