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An Eight-Year-Old Girl Died from the Persecution  
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Gao Jingyu was the 8-year-old granddaughter of Mr. Gao, a 59-year-old man living in Jiuxian Village, Changping County, Beijing.


Mr. Gao had three major operations in his life because of poor health, but his illnesses were never cured. In June 1999, Mr. Gao started to practice Falun Gong. Since then, both his physical and mental health greatly improved. On March 5, 2000, because Mr. Gao refused to give up practicing Falun Gong, the village officials sent him to the nearby Gaoyakou Military Training Center and forced him to be brainwashed.


During Mr. Gao’s detention in the military training center, he learned that his granddaughter, Gao Jingyu, had been hospitalized with leukemia. The training center had to release Mr. Gao to allow him to take care of his granddaughter. After staying in the hospital for thirteen days, doctors sent Jingyu home with some medicine. A month later, she was hospitalized again because her situation worsened. After being admitted to the hospital for the second time, her situation continually became worse. Finally her doctors said that they would not be able to cure her illness. Jingyu was sent back home again. This saddened everybody in Mr. Gao’s family.


Because of this desperate situation, Mr. Gao said to his family “Let Jingyu practice Falun Gong with me. Falun Gong has cured so many illnesses in my body. I think Falun Gong can save her.” From that day on, Mr. Gao started teaching his granddaughter the Falun Gong exercises. Miracles happened soon. Jingyu, who had been so weak and unable to stand, started to recover and even walk. Soon, she wanted a bike, and could ride a fair distance. The whole family was very happy to see the changes in the little girl. Following her recovery, the girl’s grandmother, father, and mother started practicing Falun Gong one after another. Gao Jingyu’s father would carry her on his back, and they did the exercises together in a public place. A few days later, she was able to walk from home to the practice site by herself. Everybody in the village witnessed her incredible recovery.


On July 20, 2000, Mr. Gao and other practitioners in the village went to do the exercises as usual. When they reached the practice site, they saw that the village and town officials, the head of the town’s military department, and the town’s police officers were waiting there with three cars.


The police officers rudely ordered all the practitioners to form a line and forced Jingyu’s father to run while carrying her on his back. After he ran to the gas station which is about 400 meters away from the practice site, the officers forced Mr. Gao the grandpa, Jingyu, and the other practitioners to get into the car, but made Jingyu’s father run in front of the car while the officers were driving. Jingyu was so scared watching her father run. She asked her grandfather “Why do the police make father run in front of the car? What will happen if the car hits my father?” Her father had to keep running all the way until he reached the town’s police station, three kilometers away. Yet he still could not rest.


The officers forced him to jump up and down in front of his daughter and they even hit him. The police then detained all the practitioners, including little Jingyu. She weakly lay down on the concrete slab, anxious, scared, and confused. She was released and her mother took her back home after being kept in the cell for more than six hours. Mr. Gao and ten other practitioners were later sent to the Gaoyakou Training Center, and were closely watched. On July 23, they were released.


On the morning of July 24, 2000, grandpa Gao locked the gate to their yard, and did the exercises with four other family members. A little while later the village official and police officers came and arrested all five of them, including Jingyu. She was released an hour later. The others were detained in the police station for more than 30 hours. After coming back from the police station, Jingyu’s situation quickly became worse. She began to vomit blood. On August 18, 2000, Jingyu closed her innocent and confused eyes for the last time and left this world.


An eight-year-old child, diagnosed with an incurable disease by the hospital, had gained a little hope by practicing Falun Gong, but finally lost her life after the inhuman treatment received from the police who blindly followed the irrational demands of Jiang Zemin and the 610 Office.[1]


[1] "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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