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Brutal Force-Feeding at Yinmahe Labor Camp  
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Yinmahe Labor Camp is located in Jiutai City, Jilin Province. The camp guards there brutally force-fed Falun Gong practitioners who were on hunger strike.


Wu Tonglin, male, resident of Jilin Province. From January to March 2003, Mr. Wu held a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. The head of the labor camp, Wang, along with other camp guards and doctors, forced Mr. Wu's mouth open so they could force-feed him. Because Mr. Wu refused to cooperate, their brutal treatment of him knocked out two of his teeth. Finally, when Mr. Wu had been on a hunger strike for over 90 days and was on the verge of death, the camp officials released him.


Zhang Jinguang, male, resident of Jilin Province. Camp doctor Liang brutally force-fed Mr. Zhang while he was on hunger strike. He abruptly inserted a tube into Mr. Zhang's stomach and then, just as abruptly, pulled it out, injuring Mr. Zhang’s stomach and esophagus. Mr. Zhang vomited a large amount of blood. Sometimes they handcuffed him to a bed in order to forced-feed him. To prevent him from speaking, the camp guards stuffed a dirty rag full of phlegm into his mouth.


Jin Fengxue, male, resident of Jilin Province. To protest his illegal detention, Mr. Jin refused to wear the prisoners' uniform and started a hunger strike. The camp guards handcuffed him to a bed to forced-feed him. Camp doctor Liang’s brutality knocked out

one of his teeth during the forced-feeding.


Wu Dexiu, male, resident of Jilin Province. On February 16th, in the middle of winter, Mr. Wu refused to watch a TV program that denounced Falun Gong, so the camp guards opened the window to freeze him. Two of Mr. Wu's toes suffered from frostbite and become terribly deformed. They would not send him to the hospital, so Mr. Wu went on a hunger strike to protest his treatment. They did not send him to the hospital for treatment until he had been on the hunger strike for more than 40 days. The doctors at the hospital refused to perform the necessary operation, as Mr. Wu’s toes were inflamed, and needed some pretreatment. Instead of giving him the necessary pretreatment, they took Mr. Wu back to the labor camp and have not sent him to the hospital again. As of the date when this information was sent out, Mr. Wu had been on a hunger strike for over 90 days and had been force-fed every day with food containing a high concentration of salt.

type=Case, Torture; type=Labor Camp, Yinmahe Labor Camp;  location=Jilin, Jiutai

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