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A Female Doctor Brutally Persecuted for Three Years  
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Dr. Wang Yuchuan, female, 29, a doctor of internal medicine in Zhaogezhuang Mining Hospital of Kailuan Medical Treatments Corporation in Tanshan City, Hebei Province


On February 21, 2000, Dr.Wang went to Beijing to appeal for an end of persecution of Falun Gong. While in Beijing, police arrested and sent her to the Guye Distric Detention Center in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. During her detention, Dr. Wang twice, went on hunger strikes to protest her wrongful incarceration and unjust treatment. In order to force her to renounce Falun Gong, the police sent her to the Mental and Drug Rehab Department in Ankang Hospital. Dr. Wang was forcibly injected with unknown drugs. She had continued her hunger strike at the hospital, so the hospital staff began to force-feed her. A feeding tube was lodged into her trachea; she suffered tremendous pain and almost suffocated to death.


On April 25, 2001, Dr. Wang was sent to Tangshan Law Education School, which is actually Textile University's psychiatric brainwashing center. There, practitioners were confined in a room with steel security mesh covered windows. Practitioners were prohibited from speaking to each other, and were forced to watch brainwashing videos that slandered Falun Gong.


On August 7, 2001, the vice chief of the Zhao Mine Public Security Office sent Dr. Wang to the First Labor Camp in the Kaiping District of Tangshan City. Dr. Wang was tortured through the following methods: long term sleep deprivation, prohibition of toilet use, forced standing for extended time periods, forced to remain in a squatting position for a long time, severe beatings, face slapping, as well as mental and verbal abuse.


Dr. Wang was repeatedly forced to stand in one spot without moving from dusk to dawn. From the time she first arrived at the labor camp through to the end of August, she was seldom allowed to sleep. Wei Tao, an enforcer from the labor camp's office, tried his best to "transform" Dr. Wang for a whole night to no avail. The next morning he continually slapped Dr. Wang’s face for the entire morning until it was swollen and completely disfigured. He also shocked her with an electric baton. Her family members were denied visitation rights.

When Ms. Wang was refused to use the toilet, she commenced yet another hunger strike.


On February 21, 2002, Dr. Wang’s forced-labor term was completed; the labor camp would not release her though. After 24 days of a hunger strike to demand her release, the police started using a feeding tube to force-feed her and gave her medical injections against her will.


On June 1, 2002, Dr. Wang was finally released from the labor camp. However upon her release, Dr. Wang’s work unit sent her directly to the brainwashing class in Tangshan Law Education School. There, Dr. Wang went on hunger strikes many times to demand her immediate release, one lasting 20 days. The supervisors in her work unit also sent doctors and nurses to administer forced injections of nerve debilitating drugs. Dr. Wang sent many letters to supervisors both in her work unit and to the Tangshan City Committee to demand her basic human rights, but she never received one response.

type=Case, Torture; type=Case, Women; type=Labor Camp, First Labor Camp in Kaiping District; type=Detention Center, Guye District Detention Center; location=Hebei, Tangshan

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