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Sun Fengjie and Wang Guanrong Brutally Tortured at the Jixian County Detention Center  
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Sun Fengjie, female, in her 40s, resident of Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province; Wang Guanrong, female, resident of Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province. On December 7, 2002, when Ms. Sun and Ms. Wang told people the truth about Falun Gong, they were arrested and sent to the Jixian County Detention Center in Shuangyashan City.


At the detention center, they were interrogated repeatedly. On December 12, at around 3 p.m., the two practitioners were taken away from their cell for interrogation. About 20 policemen divided into two groups. They interrogated and tortured Ms. Sun and Ms. Wang. The police punched and kicked them, struck their faces, and twisted their ears. They forced the practitioners to bend at the waist at a 90 degree angle, with legs spread wide apart, arms raised backwards, and head down. If they could not maintain this posture, the police kicked them in the face with their leather boots. Ms. Wang was forced to keep this posture for nearly two hours. Several policemen pounded on Ms. Wang’s spine with their fists. They smothered Ms. Sun with a plastic bag until she passed out. The torture lasted until 1:00 a.m. on December 14, a total of around 50 hours. As a result, both of their bodies were covered with cuts and bruises. The police dragged Ms. Sun back to her cell because she could not walk. Ms. Wang was unable to walk for two weeks and coughed up blood for days afterwards.


On December 30, 2002, Ms. Sun was interrogated again for 12 hours. The police forced her to stand for 12 hours, 2 hours of which she had to stand barefoot in the cold. Policeman Dai (last name) set Ms. Sun's hair on fire with a cigarette lighter. Policeman Li Sen stamped on her bare feet with his boots and smashed her feet. After the torture, Ms. Sun’s whole body swollen and she again could not walk.


Ms. Sun and Ms. Wang are still being held in detention.

type=Case, Torture; type=Case, Women; type=Detention Center, Jixian County Detention Center; location=Heilongjiang, Shuangyashan

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