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Female Falun Gong Practitioners Paralyzed from Torture in the Masanjia Labor Camp  
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On November 13, 2002, the Masanjia Labor Camp started to use large-scale torture on around 200 practitioners who refused to renounce Falun Gong. On December 8, 2002, many policemen were dispatched to the camp from many regions in Liaoning Province. Everyone's task was to persecute one practitioner. Each was assigned four inmates to help. Frequently they tortured the practitioners with high-voltage electric batons while in solitary confinement.


The following are ways the practitioners were tortured for five to nine days:


Forced to Squat

Each practitioner was forced to squat down in a 30cm by 30cm floor area (about one square foot) without moving. Two of the inmates then beat their backs.


Stomped on the Legs

The practitioners’ legs were double-crossed and tied up while their hands were handcuffed behind their backs. Eight inmates then stomped on their legs with full force.


Not Allowed to Use the Restroom

The practitioners were not allowed to use the restroom for long periods of time. They were forced to excrete on the floor.


Not Provided With Food or Water

The practitioners were not provided with food or water while being tortured. Many practitioners’ were in critical condition as a result.


Locked in a Small Cell

Many practitioners were locked in a small cell[1], specially equipped with cast iron molds, which were used to restrain the victim's body and limbs during the torture.


  1. Ms. Xia Ning, 55, a resident of Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province, was sentenced and has been detained in the Masanja Labor Camp since June 2001. Because she recited the Falun Gong book, her oral cavity was scratched and broken by policewoman Zhang Yan; her mouth was sealed with adhesive tape and then tightly fastened with a strap. From December 2001 to now, Ms. Xia was imprisoned in a small cell. In the cell, she was tied on a metal bed for as long as eight months. As a result, all four limbs became numb and unable to move, even after she was released from the bed. Once, inmates was ordered to strip her clothes off while beating her to the point that her body was black and blue all over. They even put dirty sanitary napkins in her mouth. In the winter, guards purposely opened Ms. Xia’s cell window. As a result, she passed out several times from the extreme cold. Due to the long-term persecution on the "tiger bench," her buttocks festered to the degree that her bones could be seen. Her weight dropped from 80 kilograms to less than 35 kilograms during the time she was tortured.


  1. Ms. Xu Xiaohong, 33, a resident of Dalian City, was locked into a dark cell and monitored by several male inmates.


  1.  Ms. Wang Shuxia was locked in a small cell and bound in an iron chair for a long period of time. Her ankles began to fester when the wire used to bind her cut into her flesh.


Cuffed with Heavier Shackles

Practitioners were handcuffed to a handrail with shackles weighing seven kilograms (13- 15 pounds). They were chained in a very painful position where they were unable to stand up straight or squat down. Some of them were handcuffed to a heater, which caused their hands to burn and bleed. The practitioners were often handcuffed and hung by their hands from the ceiling for long periods of time. With the weight of their body focused on their wrists, their wrists quickly became swollen and extremely painful. Meanwhile, the practitioners were bound so that they could not move at all for a long time. After enduring long periods of this persecution, their upper bodies became numb and even deteriorated to a state of paralysis and muscle atrophy.


Deprived of Sleep


1. Ms. Song Xiuting, 31, a resident of Tieling City, was deprived of sleep for 47 days. She was handcuffed and hung from the ceiling for 20 days. The police, assisted by several inmates, tortured her for long periods of time, and she was beaten unconscious at least eight times. This was the second time that she was imprisoned at the labor camp.


2. Ms. Wei Liming, 42, a resident of Dandong City, was deprived of sleep for 31 days. She was locked in a small cell for one month and tortured on the “tiger bench” for 15 days. She was not given enough clothing and she was locked in a cell with an open window (when the temperature outside was more than -10°C). Her fingers and nails were frostbitten and numb. In addition, the police and inmates in the cell often beat her.


3. Ms. Wang Wenjuan, 32, a resident of Jinzhou City, was deprived of sleep for a half year and was beaten every day. A large quantity of her hair was also ripped out. Wang Wenjuan lost all feeling in her toes. Even now, she cannot walk steadily.


4. Ms. Wang Baoqin, 40, a resident of Linghai City, was deprived of sleep for 15 days. After three years of persecution, she is extremely weak. Wang Baoqin was tortured until she passed out. She has been bedridden ever since.


5. Ms. Li Jinqiu, 54, a resident of Linghai City, was deprived of sleep for seven days.


6. Ms. Geng Lijuan was tortured and deprived of sleep for 22 days.


7. Ms. Jing Cuizhen, 51, a resident of Jinzhou City, was deprived of sleep for seven days. More than ten inmates tortured her every day. Her body was black and blue and she was unconscious for several days after being tortured.


8. Ms. Sun Yan, 55, a resident of Huludao City, was deprived of sleep for 11 days. Her thumbs were beaten and broken by the policewomen, Dai Yuhong. Furthermore, Sun Yan’s chest and internal organs were severely damaged from the torture. She has lost some of her hearing and her legs are too weak for her to walk normally.

[1] The small cell is a means of torture often used on Falun Gong practitioners. The cell consists of a room of less than 3 square meters which is less that 1.5 meters high, so that the victim can neither stand up nor lie down. There is no window, no bed, no water, and no toilet. The victim remains in the small cell for months, eating sleeping and excreting there, and is often handcuffed in an agonizing position, so that the victim cannot sleep for many days.

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