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Practitioners Tortured by “Iron Chair” and “Iron Rings”  
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Li Wenming, male, 38, resident of Qilihe area of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province;

Su Anzhou, male, resident of Gansu Province;

Wei Junren, male, resident of Gansu Province;

Wan Ailan, female, resident of Gansu Province.


In September 2002, Mr. Li, Mr. Su, Mr. Wei and Mrs. Wang were arrested because they revealed the Falun Gong’s truth information to people.


During their detention, each practitioner was brought individually to Lanzhou City Police Bureau several times for interrogation. Police officers He Bo and Wei Dong tied the practitioners to an iron chair with handcuffs and shackles, and then they applied high voltage electricity to the iron chair to shock the practitioners’ whole body. They shocked the practitioners once every minute. The police also invented another cruel torture method. They put iron rings with tightening screws on practitioners’ wrists and ankles. Then the police tightened the rings by tightening the screws. The iron rings were pressed against the bones of their wrists and ankles. The torture deformed the bones, causing severe pain.


The policy invented this type of torture to cover up torture since it only left slight marks of the iron rings on practitioners’ wrists and ankles. But this type of torture caused unbearable pain, which would last as long as a month. The practitioners’ hands became numb for several months after the torture.

type=Case, Torture; type=Case, Expression; location=Gansu, Lanzhou

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