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Guo Xiaohui Shocked, Beaten, Force-Fed and Injected with Drugs  
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Guo Xiaohui, female, 42, an employee of the Institute of Design of the China Petroleum Pipe Bureau, resident of Langfang City, Hebei Province


The police from the Langfang City Police Station arrested Ms. Guo Xiaohui many times because she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. To avoid these repeated arrests, she was forced to leave home around the summer 2000. The local police threatened her husband, Mr. Li Jianzhong, to tell them her whereabouts. Because Mr. Li refused, they sentenced him to two years in a forced labor camp. After he was released, the police continued to threaten him and wanted to arrest him again unless he reported where Ms. Guo was.


At the end of 2002, Ms. Guo lived in Tangshan City. On January 15, 2003, police from the Lubei Police Station in Tangshan City arrested Ms. Guo. At the police station, they locked Ms. Guo in a steel cage for hours, and then handcuffed her to an “Iron Chair” for seven days and six nights. Policemen interrogated her day and night and tortured her with electric shocks. They used a crude device consisting of two copper wires twisted around her thumbs, and a rotary telephone dial, which was turned to administer the electric shocks. They wet her thumbs to achieve the maximum possible shock. To prevent her screams, the police stuffed a wet towel into her mouth. As a result of the electric shocks and the iron chair torture method, her fingers were burnt and she was unable to walk. She was not allowed to sleep.


On January 24, 2003, they sent Ms. Guo to the "Drug Rehabilitation Center" in the Ankang Hospital (a psychiatric hospital) in Tangshan City. Because she refused to receive unknown injections and drugs, they bound her to a bed, and forced her to receive injections, infusions, and force-fed drugs. They gave her forced injections many times each day. After four days of torture in the hospital, her arms were covered with needle marks.


On January 28, 2003, they brought Ms. Guo to the Tangshan City First Detention Center and locked her in an isolated cell. They cuffed her limbs to the four corners of a bed twice with iron rings. As a result, her limbs were numb for a long time afterwards. When Ms. Guo went on a hunger strike to protest the torture, they cuffed her to an iron chair and force-fed her. They left the force-feeding tube in her stomach for several days, which caused damage to her stomach. She was not allowed to go to restroom while cuffed to the iron chair. Meanwhile, she was beaten. Director Yao Shujun broke Ms. Guo’s arm during the beating. Her body was black and blue all over.

type=Case, Torture; type=Case, Women; type=Detention Center, Tangshan City First Detention Center;location=Hebei, Langfang; Location=Hebei, Tangshan

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