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Qu Fei and Shi Yueli Brutally Tortured at Dalian Detention Center  
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Mr. Qu Fei, male, is a resident of Liaoning Province. In March 2003, Mr. Qu was arrested because he practiced Falun Gong, and was sent to the Dalian Detention Center. At the outset, the guards tried to talk to Mr. Qu and make him denounce Falun Gong. Since he refused, guard Shi Guangda beat Mr. Qu's face and head with the sole of his shoe. Mr. Qu's face was beaten until swollen. A few days later, guards Yang Lixin, Han Fayu, and Song Shuwu tortured him again. Song repeatedly struck Mr. Qu's mouth with his shoe. Meanwhile, Yang pulled out a straw stalk from a bed cushion and stuck it 4 to 5 centimeters into Mr. Qu's ear. Then, Yang started beating Mr. Qus thighs with his fists. That night Mr. Qu could not talk or eat, since his face and mouth were swollen from the beating. In the following days, the team captain, Guo Peng, arranged for the team lead, Liu Fengliang, to further torture Mr. Qu. Liu and his fellow teammate Liang Changsheng first used planks to beat Mr. Qu; they then removed his pants and beat his bare buttocks with large wooden boards. Mr. Qu is still tortured at the Dalian Detention Center.


Mr. Shi Yueli, male, is a resident of Liaoning Province. Mr. Shi was detained in Dalian Detention Center because he practiced Falun Gong. In early May of 2003, since Mr. Shi refused to denounce Falun Gong, he was transferred to the "Strictly Supervised Team". Soon after he was taken there, the team lead, Jin Dianke, ordered four guards, two of whom are Gao Yongping and Li Lichang, to torture Mr. Shi. They forced him to sit on a chair, tied his legs to the legs of the chair, and handcuffed his hands to the back of the chair. They then covered Mr. Shis head with four layers of bed sheets and began shocking him with electric batons. Then they beat him with plastic batons from his head to his toes. Later, Jin ordered the guards to use wooden sticks to pry open Mr. Shi's mouth and force-fed him with alcohol. Since Mr. Shi resisted, one of his lower teeth was knocked out, causing profuse bleeding. However, the guards continued force-feeding him. During the process, the alcohol entered into Mr. Shi's windpipe and suffocated him, causing him to pass out. After the torture, they handcuffed him onto a bed for over two months. During this period, Mr. Shi was often beaten by guards and deprived of sleep. After the two months of torture, he was unable to walk without assistance.

type=Case, Torture; type=Detention Center, Dalina Detention Center; location=Liaoning

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