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For His Belief, Wang Enchang is Tortured and Humiliated at Dalian Forced Labor Camp  
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On June 3, 2001, Mr. Wang Enchang, 65, was brought to the Men's Group at Dalian Forced Laber Camp because he was unwilling to give up the practice of Falun Gong. Group leader Wang Qi brutally tortured Wang Enchang in order to try to force him to give up his practice. While beating Wang Enchang with both electric and rubber batons, Wang Qi said, "This is the law of our country." Then Wang Qi ordered two people to hit Wang Enchang's lower legs and knees with metal folding chairs and said, "I represent the government." He then stepped heavily on Wang Enchang's genitals for over 10 minutes, giving him injuries that have still not healed. Later, Wang Qi tied a water bottle to Wang Enchang's genitals to further torture him. The sole reason for this torture was to try to force Mr. Wang to give up Falun Gong, and for Wang Qi to keep his "Advanced Group" title (given for his being successful at forcing Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their practice).


In the time that followed, two people continued to beat Wang Enchang up every day, Wang Qi shouted, "Aren't you just a boiler worker! I represent the government to punish you." When Wang Enchang fainted from the beatings, he was handcuffed, and dragged around. For four consecutive days, Mr. Wang was tortured until his body was covered with injuries.

type=Case,Torture; type=Case, Health; type=Case, RI; type=Labor Camp, Dalian Forced Laber Camp; location=Liaoning, Dalian

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