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Mr. Liu Chengjun Tortured to Death for Broadcasting Falun Gong Videos by Tapping Cable Networks  
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Mr. Liu Chengjun, male, resident of Nongan County, Jilin Province, died at 32 years of age. After the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, Mr. Liu strongly felt that it was his responsibility to tell the truth of Falun Gong to the government and help stop the persecution. On July 23, 1999, he traveled to Beijing to lodge a formal appeal to the government. He was arrested three times in Beijing. He managed to escape the first two times, but the third time he was sent back to his hometown, Nongan County, Jilin Province, and detained for 15 days. On September 28, 1999, Mr. Liu was arrested again practicing Falun Gong. He was sentenced to one year of forced labor and sent to Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province.


During his detention at Fenjin Labor Camp, Mr. Liu still held to his beliefs; he resisted brainwashing and refused to renounce Falun Gong. Thus, he was subjected to severe torture by the camp guards and the inmates, including savage beating, lengthy sitting on a board, marching for a long time, solitary confinement, electric shocks, and being hung up continuously for two days and one night. After one year of detention, Mr. Liu’s term was extended several times. On July 16, 2001, Mr. Liu escaped from the labor camp. From then on, the police of Jilin Province kept searching for him and he was not able to go home.


In October 2001, Mr. Liu went to Beijing and unfurled a banner reading “Falun Dafa is Good” on Tiananmen Square. Beijing police arrested him, and then later released him on the 22nd day of his hunger strike. On March 5, 2002, Mr. Liu cooperated with other fellow practitioners and successfully tapped into cable TV networks in Changchun City and Songyuan City of Jilin Province. Two Falun Gong-related videos, “Falun Dafa Around the World” and “Self-immolation or Staged Act,” were broadcast; they revealed the facts of Falun Gong and the evil nature of the persecution. Many people in these two cities awakened after learning the truth. This exposure caused fear in the highest levels of the Chinese government. Enraged, Jiang Zemin gave orders to “kill without pardon” those responsible for the broadcast. Over the few days following the broadcast, more than 5,000 Falun Gong practitioners were detained during a police sweep of Changchun City.


On March 23, 2002, the day before his arrest, Mr. Liu used his cell phone to call a fellow practitioner who had already been arrested. The next day, Mr. Liu’s cousin placed a call with the same cell phone, and as a result the police were able to locate Mr. Liu. They went to his aunt’s home in Songyuan City, Jilin Province, where Mr. Liu was at the time. When the police arrived, Mr. Liu hid under a pile of firewood. The police could not find him and beat his cousin. Unable to bear the torment, the cousin revealed that Mr. Liu was hiding in a stack of firewood. The police burned down a pile of firewood but did not find him, and again started to beat his cousin, who reluctantly pointed out the pile under which Mr. Liu was hiding. The police lit the wood on fire in an attempt to drive him out, but he did not come out. Afraid that Mr. Liu would be burned to death, the police dragged him out of the pile. His face, buttocks, feet, and the backs of his hands were burned. The police stripped off all of his clothes except his underpants and then handcuffed and shackled him. One police officer pulled out his gun and shot Mr. Liu twice in his thigh, shouting, “Now where are you going to hide?” Another police officer shouted hysterically, “Beat him to death!” The police threw him into a minivan and handcuffed him to the back seat. Mr. Liu was sent to Jilin Province Police Hospital. During all his time in the hospital, his arms were stretched out and his hands were cuffed to the sides of the bed.

One day in April 2002, the police took off Mr. Liu’s handcuffs when a media crew tried to videotape him. A journalist asked him to “promote Falun Dafa” to her. Mr. Liu recognized their scheme ­­– that the videotape would be used to frame him and defame Falun Gong – and he refused to cooperate. After they left, he was handcuffed to the bed again. In May 2003, Mr. Liu was transferred to the Tiebei Detention Center in Changchun City, where the police used all sorts of torture methods to try to extract a confession from him. For example, he was forced to sit on a “tiger bench” for 52 days. The extent of brutality was beyond imagination.

From September 18-20 of 2003, 15 Falun Gong practitioners, including Mr. Liu, were tried at the Changchun Intermediate Court. During their trial, practitioners were not allowed to defend Falun Gong in court. Instead, they were subject to brutal persecution if any practitioners said words like “Falun Dafa is good,” pointed out any lies by the government, or gave any example of illegal torture and extortion of Falun Gong practitioners. Every time after the court adjourned, each practitioner was taken to an individual room and beaten with electric batons by seven or eight policemen. The police shouted “Will you shut up in the court?” as they carried out the torture. Some practitioners were beaten four or five times during a day. At the second court session, the practitioners were brought to court with their hands cuffed behind their backs. None of them was allowed to speak during the second session. After the court adjourned, the police grabbed practitioners’ hands and stamped their fingerprints on some paperwork while their hands were still cuffed behind their backs. The practitioners could not see the contents of the paperwork. The police declared “You made this fingerprint by yourself.” Mr. Liu suffered severe injuries due to the beating during the trial.  With his wounded thigh, he was not able to move and was carried back to his cell. Mr. Liu was illegally sentenced to 19 years in prison and sent to the Jilin City Prison in Jilin Province.


During Mr. Liu’s detention in Jilin Prison, his family requested visits but were denied many times. The prison officials implied to Mr. Liu’s family that they could visit him only if Mr. Liu renounced Falun Gong. Every time when his family asked about Mr. Liu’s health condition, the prison officials replied, “perfectly fine.”


On October 21, 2003, Mr. Liu’s family received a notice that Mr. Liu was being hospitalized at Jilin City Central Hospital and that his life was in danger. They rushed to the hospital and found him at the brink of death. He had injuries all over his body, his face was barely recognizable, and his eyes were gray and dim. He was relying on oxygen therapy and intravenous injections to sustain his life.  He lapsed in and out of consciousness. He could not recognize some of his family members. Still, he remembered to ask his family to treat the inmates who took care of him with kindness. On October 24, 2003, Mr. Liu’s family and friends asked the police guards to release Mr. Liu on medical probation, but the police and the doctors evaded responsibility and said that they could not make the decision. Later, Mr. Liu’s family and friends had to pay 100 Yuan to the doctor in order to get him to do a complete check-up for Mr. Liu. The check-up results arrived at 3:00 p.m. and showed a diagnosis of “acute kidney failure, cardiac arrhythmia, in critical condition.” The doctor told Mr. Liu’s family to prepare for a funeral right away. On October 27, 2003, Mr. Liu was transferred to the Jilin Province Police Hospital in Changchun City, despite the objection from Mr. Liu’s family, as Jilin Province Police Hospital was notorious for its brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.


At 10:30 p.m. on December 25, 2003, six police officers from the Jilin Province Labor Reform Bureau, Jilin City Prison, and Nongan County Debiao Police Department rushed to the home of Mr. Liu’s parents. The police told them that Mr. Liu was in serious condition and that he was currently in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University Medical School. The police asked his family to visit him immediately. The police officers’ car was too small to carry everyone, so only Mr. Liu’s parents went with them; the rest of the family had to go separately. However, the police car passed by the First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University Medical School and continued to another hospital, the Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital in Changchun City. When Mr. Liu’s parents saw their son, he had a high fever of more than 39oC (102.2oF). There were ice bags underneath his armpits and on his forehead. There were bruises all over his back. Mr. Liu was in a coma and maintained his life with the help of a ventilator. The rest of Mr. Liu’s family went to the First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University Medical School as directed; they searched everywhere in the hospital, but were unable to find Mr. Liu, because the police had intentionally told them the wrong hospital. The next morning (Friday, December 26, 2003), the rest of the family received a telephone call from Mr. Liu’s parents and rushed to the right hospital. However, when they arrived, Mr. Liu had already stopped breathing. He died with his mouth and eyes open, as though trying to speak.


Mr. Liu’s death was devastating to his parents. His father was immediately choked and could barely breathe. His mother cried until she fainted. She kept on asking the police, “Why did you not inform us until he was in such bad shape? We’re his family! Have you no human decency!” The police could not respond. They did not allow Mr. Liu’s parents to change his clothes, wanting him to wear prison clothes. They finally agreed after Mr. Liu’s parents insisted, but forced his parents to buy back their own son’s clothes from the prison. When his family was changing Mr. Liu’s clothes, they found that he was bleeding from his ears, nose, and mouth. They also found a cut on his thigh, apparently caused by an injection, that was still bleeding. Mr. Liu’s family wanted to take his body back to his hometown. However, the police strongly objected and interfered with the process. They cremated his body hastily in Changchun City. The police initially did not even allow his family to buy a box to put his ashes in. They finally agreed, but threatened Mr. Liu’s family not to disclose this incident.

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