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Ms. Ma Zhanmei Killed by Barbaric Force-Feeding at Baoding Forced Labor Camp in Baoding City, Hebei  
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Ms. Ma Zhanmei, female, 50, a medical doctor and resident of Laiyuan County, Hebei Province, was detained in Baoding Forced Labor Camp because she refused to denounce Falun Gong. She held several hunger strikes to protest the torture she received in the labor camp. At approximately 9:00 a.m. on April 23, 2003, the eighth day of one of Ms. Ma's hunger strikes, she was force-fed. She was handcuffed to a chair, and then her head was forcibly pulled back, with her neck stretching over the top of the back of the chair. Police pushed her head back and down as far as possible. Her neck was held immobile against the top of the chair, and her head was pushed down to the limit, virtually flattening and closing the esophagus. Then the police would hold her nostrils shut with their hands, and use a large knife to wedge open her mouth, causing her mouth to bleed. Finally, they forced food into her mouth. This torturous method of force-feeding can easily result in death by suffocation because the nasal passages are blocked and the mouth is stuffed full of food that is unable to enter the narrowed esophagus. The barbaric force-feeding made Ms. Ma's face turn white as she struggled on the ground, rolling in pain. Wu Wen, the policeman who participated in the force-feeding, asked, "Ma Zhanmei, how does it feel?" At about 10:00 a.m., the halls echoed with two loud screams of pain from Ms. Ma. Shortly afterward, a police car carried Ms. Ma to the No. 252 Hospital. By the time they reached the hospital, at 10:30 a.m., she had already died.

Ms. Ma's family members hurried to the hospital, but her body had already been sent to the hospital's morgue. She was so malnourished that her bones were clearly visible through the skin and her family did not even recognize her. Her clothing still had stains from the force-feeding. Li Xiuqin and Yan Qinfen, the staff of the Baoding Forced Labor Camp who are responsible for Ms. Ma's death, stated that Ms. Ma had died of "cardiac arrest." Ms. Ma never had any history of heart disease. Ms. Liu Junge, another practitioner who had witnessed firsthand the entire series of events leading up to and including Ms. Ma's death, is now missing.

After Ms. Ma passed away, her family planned to file a lawsuit against the Baoding Forced Labor Camp, but when they asked an attorney to represent them, he said, "We have orders from above not to plead any cases for Falun Gong practitioners."


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