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Yin Ling Tortured to Death in the Jiamusi City Labor Camp  
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Ms. Yin Ling, female, 34, was a hairdresser and a resident of No. 597 Farm in Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province. On the evening of December 28, 2001, the Chief of the No. 597 Farm Police Station, Zhu Shaokun, and several other policemen abducted Ms. Yin and sentenced her to three years of forced labor in the Jiamusi City Labor Camp. On October 28, 2002, Ms. Yin began a hunger strike without water to protest the detention. During her hunger strike, she was force-fed for quite a long time; as a result, it became impossible to insert a tube to force-feed her because of the injuries in her nose, esophagus, and stomach. In order to continue force-feeding her, the guards handcuffed Ms. Yin to a bed 24 hours a day and had some inmates pull her hair and pinch her nose and cheek so that they could pour highly salted rice soup into her mouth. Every time they force-fed her that way it lasted longer than an hour. Ms. Yin was not allowed to leave her cell to go to the restroom, and instead had to excrete in the cell. Inmates monitored her at all times. She became extremely weak from the torture. Her whole body became swollen and her lower abdomen became bloated. She lost consciousness twice. She had difficulty urinating and had to use a catheter to urinate.


On November 13, 2002, when Ms. Yin was on the verge of death, her family was instructed to take her home. She passed away soon after she was taken home.


type=Case, Death; type=Case, Women; type=Labor Camp, Jiamusi City Labor Camp; location=Heilongjiang

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