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Zheng Fangying Tortured to Death at Beijing Police Station  
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Zheng Fangying, female, 54, resident of Beiwei Village, Weifang City, Shandong Province



Tiananmen Square Police Station, Beijing



1.      Director and policemen of the Tiananmen Square Police Station, Beijing (Tel: 10-6525-7005)

2.      Zhong Anxin, Party Secretary of Tanfang Town, Shandong Province  (Tel: 536-384-1128)

3.      Guo Guilin, Mayor of Tanfang Town, Shandong Province

4.      Liu De, Communist Party Committee Secretary of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Beijing (Tel: 10-6512-8871)

5.      Ma Zhenchuan, the head of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Beijing




On December 2, 2001, Ms. Zheng Fangying traveled to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong and was arrested on Tiananmen Square. Ms. Zheng was knocked down and beaten severely by the police on the square. At the police station, she was heavily beaten and shocked with a high voltage electric baton. The cruel tortures resulted in severe injuries to her internal organs. Later, she was detained in a small, solitary cell. Ms. Zheng later went on hunger strike for 18 days. The police beat Ms. Zheng so frequently that she could not walk or relieve herself consciously. Her condition deteriorated to critical under such abuse. Aware that they had mortally injured Ms. Zheng, the police put her onto a train to Jinan City, to avoid having her die at the police station. After arriving at the Jinan Railway Station, Ms. Zheng painstakingly crawled up and down through the underpass of the railway station, unable to get out on her own. She was so weak that she eventually passed out. A kind-hearted young man helped her to her home. Her family members found that she lost two teeth, her abdomen looked dark brown, and there were bruises all over her body. Because of the severe injuries done to her internal organs, a dragging sound came from her abdomen area when she moved her body. Three days after her return, Ms. Zheng died with her eyes and mouth open.



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