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Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp Injects Falun Gong Practitioners with Dangerous Drugs  
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Wang Xiufen, female, 30, an English teacher at Jilin Zuojia Special Products School, Jilin Province



1.      Changchun City Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province

2.      Jilin Province Detention Center, Jilin Province



1.      Head and guards of Changchun City Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province

2.      Head and guards of Jilin Province Detention Center, Jilin Province




In November 1999 Ms. Wang Xiufen were detained at the Jilin Third Detention Center and was sent to Changchun City Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in the Fourth Section. In the forced labor camp, Ms. Wang was tied to a “death bed”[1] for about a week. Then, they forcefully injected her with some drugs, which caused her to become mentally disorientated. Her eyes were dull and she was unable to recognize the people she knew. The forced labor camp used this kind of torture to make practitioners submit and tell the guards that they will stop practicing Falun Gong. Ms. Wang was then locked in a solitary compartment[2] in handcuffs all day for more than half a month because before sending practitioners home after they had been tortured to insanity, the police often locked them up for a while to make sure that they weren’t just pretending. After Ms. Wang was released home, she was not allowed to go back to work.


[1] The four limbs of the practitioner are stretched out and tied to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed.  The practitioner cannot move at all.  Neither is he allowed to get up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.  This treatment would last from several hours up to more than a dozen days.  This type of cruel torture causes severe damage to the practitioner both mentally and physically.

[2] The so-called “Being confined in a solitary compartment” refers to means locking up a single detainee in a solitary cell. In the cell, there are, which contains a basin and a pair of handcuffs. The basin is used for both for washing face washing face and relieving the urine and bowels. One end of the handcuffs cuffs fastens the wrist and the other end attaches locks to the door railing. The handcuffs can be fastened height of the handcuffs onto the door railing are at in three different heights. levels. In the highest position, the detainee has to straighten extend his/her arm upward. The middle position is in the at waist level. In the lowest position, the detainee can sit on the ground.

type=Case, Death; type=Case, Women; type=Labor Camp, Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp; location=Jilin, Changchun

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