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Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Hong Tortured to Death in Shenyang City's Longshan Labor Camp  
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Wang Hong, female, 39, resident of Changtan Town, Liaozhong County, Liaoning Province

Location of Torture and Death:

1.      Longshan Labor Camp, Shenyang City

2.      Zhangshi Re-education Institute

3.      Shenyang City Detention Center



1.      Director and staff of Longshan Labor Camp

2.   Director and staff of Zhangshi Re-education Institute

3.   Director and staff of Shenyang City Detention Center


A brief report of the incident:


Wang Hong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on December 1, 2000.  There, she was detained and sent to Shenyang City's Longshan Labor Camp, where she was frequently beaten and tortured.  She was transferred to several labor camps before being sent back to the Longshan Labor Camp.  She was continually beaten to the point where she suffered acute kidney failure.  Even after becoming critically ill from the beatings, the labor camp would not let her family take her home.  She was badly injured and covered with large bruises.  On August 22, 2001, Wang Hong was brought home, but she died soon after on August 31, 2001.


During her 9-month detention, Wang Hong suffered severe mental and physical torture.  The following information describes the methods of torture and the locations at which the torture took place:


In Shenyang City Detention Center, she suffered electric shocks, ice-cold water showers (in April), boiling water bottles were used to burn her back and lower belly, and a plastic bottle was repeatedly forced into her vagina.


In Zhangshi Re-education Institute, she was tied up with ropes, her mouth was stuffed with towels, and they beat her for several hours with wooden boards.  She was beaten on her head, face, and other parts of her body while a male prisoner sat on top of her.


In Longshan Labor Camp, they forced her head between her legs, tied her legs tightly together, then tied her hands behind her back.  They ordered her to stand straight, otherwise they would beat her.  The longest duration for this kind of physical torture being used on her was more than 20 hours.  Another kind of physical torture was forcing her to sit on the floor, straightening her legs, tying her head onto one leg, and then tying both her hands behind her back, which also lasted 20 hours.  The camp supervisor instigated prisoners to grip her by the neck, almost choking her to death.


(Reported on September 5, 2001)


News Report:


1.      Reuters: Falun Gong says six members die in Chinese custody, Wednesday September 19, 2001

2.      AFP: Six Falungong followers die in police custody in China, Wednesday September 19, 2001



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