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Detention Center Guards in Mudanjiang City Torture Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Xiaozhong to Death  
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Wang Xiaozhong, male, approximately 30, resident of Aimin District of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, announced dead August 31, 2001


Location of Torture and Death:

               Mudanjiang City Detention Center



1. Guards at Mudanjiang Detention Center

2. Li Jingxiang, police chief at Hualin Police Station, phone: work (86) 453-6301068;

Home (86) 453-6305688

3. Zhuang Jun, policeman in Mudanjiang, phone: home (86) 453-6303737


A brief report of the incident:


Wang Xiaozhong was detained on August 17, 2001.  Two weeks later, his family received a death notice from the detention center.  The day before Wang died, his wife had gone to see him.  Wang told her about the guards using electric batons to shock him, and how the food there was very poor.  His family did not receive the notice until the day after his death. Wang died from a brain hemorrhage.  There was no explanation as to what caused the bleeding inside Wang's skull. All the employees at Wang's workplace and everyone else who knew him said that he was in excellent health.  It is suspected that he was murdered in detention.


News Report:


1.      Reuters: Falun Gong says six members die in Chinese custody, Wednesday September 19, 2001

2.      AFP: Six Falungong followers die in police custody in China, Wednesday September 19, 2001


type=Case, Death; type=Detention Center, Mudanjiang City Detention Center; location=Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang

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