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Mr. Wang Died from Beating and Force-Feeding for Printing Falun Gong Flyers at Home  
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Wang Lixin, male, 36, resident of Jilin City, Jilin Province, China. Address: Desheng St., Anshun Little District, RM 3-43 of 21st Building, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China

Location of Death: 

Jilin City Detention Center No.3, Jilin Province, China


1. Officers Zhang Guanjun and Yang Zhonghua of Jilin City Detention Center No.3

2. Prisoners Lai Hongxiang and Feng Naiwu of Jilin City Detention Center No.3


A brief report of the incident:

On November 27, 2000 Mr. Wang Lixin was arrested by officer Lin of Linjiang Police Station and sent to Jilin City Detention Center No.3, Jilin province for printing Falun Gong flyers at home. He went on a hunger strike as a means to appeal for his release. The guards force-fed him with about 0.5 pound salt and very little water and handcuffed his four limbs together. On December 4, 2000, the 8th day of his hunger strike, police officers, Zhang Guanjun and Yang Zhonghua and several criminal prisoners dragged Wang Lixin into a "watch room" and brutally beat him for about an hour. Other practitioners in the cells could hear his grievous screams. When he was sent back to the cell, his body was covered with wounds and his mouth was sealed with tape. The next day, Zhang Guanjun and Yang Zhonghua, again brought him into the "watch room" and ordered two criminal prisoners Lai Hongxiang and Feng Naiwu to ferociously beat him again.


Ten minutes later, the painful screaming from Wang Lixin stopped. The guards discovered that his life was in danger. In panic, they sent him to the hospital. However, it was already too late. Wang Lixin had been beaten to death. To keep the information from being made public, the detention center sent all Falun Gong practitioners who witnessed the tragic incident to the labor camps.


News Report:


"Seven More Falun Gong Followers Die in Chinese Custody," Agence France Presse (AFP), BEIJING, February 7, 2001


type=Case,Death; type=Detention Center,Jilin City Detention Center No.3; location=Jilin, Jilin

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