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Issue 27: Indonesia to Defy UN Grant of Asylum and Deport A Chinese Human Rights Activist  
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Indonesia to Defy UN Grant of Asylum and Deport
A Chinese Human Rights Activist

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The reward for having the courage to take a stand for justice should not be incarceration; nor should the recompense for seeking Democracy for China's citizens be torture, brainwashing or loss of life. Yet Indonesia's desire to please China may just have that terrible result. On March 9, 2007, at a public forum, Indonesia arrested Mr. Jia Jia, the high-ranking Chinese official who defected from China in October 2006, in order to help free his fellow Chinese citizens from the grasp of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Despite his UN refugee status, their intention is to deport him into the waiting jaws of the very oppressors he hopes to change.

Mr. Jia Jia was born in July 1951 in Tianjin City. He studied at the Beijing Business College and worked as an independent researcher and adjunct professor. In 1996, Mr. Jia organized Shanxi Geaode Expert Services Inc. and became its president. In 1999, he was elected to be the General Secretary of the Association of Shanxi Scientific and Technological Experts. Mr. Jia served on the board of directors of GOLD Experts Services Co. Ltd, was the director of the National Experts Network Centre, and oversaw the Expert Panel for the Shanxi Government.

The CCP has persecuted Mr. Jia and his family throughout his life. Three years ago, Mr. Jia was introduced to the Internet software, Free Gate, which enabled him to break through China's Internet blockade and access such sites as Voice of America and The Epoch Times. He says that the Chinese people are willing to pay high prices for such software, "because true information cannot be seen or heard under the reign of the CCP."

In November of 2004, The Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, an expos?of the CCP's history and its true nature. Mr. Jia helped to distribute it. He told people how it scientifically and systematically summed up the crimes the CCP has committed against the Chinese people, "The means used by the CCP to control people is unprecedented; it suppresses people's minds and souls; it is truly ruthless."

On October 22, 2006, Mr. Jia arrived in Taiwan as a tourist. As soon as he had a chance, he walked away from the tourist group and sought political asylum. He eventually made his way to Indonesia, where he received UN refugee status.

Mr. Jia has told many people about the Chinese people's widespread discontent with the CCP and how Chinese citizens everywhere, including intellectuals, the public at large, and even CCP members themselves have lost faith in their own government. Soon after The Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries, the Chinese people throughout mainland China and around the world were reading it and passing it on, sparking a massive "Quit the CCP" movement. At the time, Mr. Jia explained, "The fact that 14 million Chinese have renounced the CCP made me feel compelled to step out." As of today, nearly 20,000 Chinese have quit the party and its affiliated organizations.

In a recent article in The Epoch Times, Jia is quoted as saying, "I have listened to the Voice of America for 20 years and surfed The Epoch Times website for three to four years. I want to promote the democracy movement, make sacrifices for China's path to democracy, and mobilize party members to quit the party. The Voice of America and The Epoch Times' influence on me has been tremendous."

In remembering life under the CCP, Mr. Jia said, "There are two things that I can't forget in my heart; one is the horror, the other is the hunger." His father had been an air force officer in the Kuomintang. When Mr. Jia was seven or eight years old, CCP interrogators came to question his father. The entire family had to stand at full attention and watch the CCP severely beat his father; they eventually persecuted him to death. He witnessed how the CCP beat many Kuomintang officers to death and how several committed suicide to avoid the ongoing violence against them. One jumped from a roof, but did not die, so he cut his wrists and bled to death. No one dared to show any compassion or try to stop the bleeding. Likewise, when one of Mr. Jia's classmates broke a statue of Chairman Mao, Red Guard members beat the boy to death in front of his class.

Mr. Jia's son, Jia Kuo, revealed that Mr. Jia brought many documents out of China, including some historical ones.

If Indonesia sends Mr. Jia back to China, the CCP, having no respect for human rights or human life, will arrest him. He will be tortured and his life will be in danger. Please support freedom for the Chinese people and especially Mr. Jia. Imagine what courage it took for him to risk his life and step forward in the face of the CCP's oppression! We sincerely hope that all countries in the free world will come to his aid, that Indonesia will not defy its agreement with the United Nations and will not kowtow to China for perceived material benefits at the expense of true justice. If Mr. Jia loses his bid for freedom, then the message to the world is that we all must fear stepping forward. History will long remember the crimes committed in these times. Courage should win, not oppression. The actions taken to uphold justice in this unprecedented effort shall forever remain a beacon of light for us all.

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