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Zhu Hang Suffered a Mental Collapse after Three Years Torture  
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Ms. Zhu Hang, female, in her 40ís, an associate professor at the Dalian Polytechnic University in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. In September 1999, she was arrested and detained in the Yaojia Detention Center in Dalian City, Liaoning Province for three years. During her detention, she was beaten, handcuffed, shackled, and deprived of sleep for extended periods of time. Once, her hands and feet were handcuffed together in such a way that she could not stand up. She was forced to squat all the time. She was tortured in this way for seven days and nights while also being deprived of food. The inmates were then ordered to pry open her mouth with a spoon in such a way that her mouth was injured and bled. Since she was not allowed to use the restroom, she had to urinate in her underwear and on the ground. Then they forced her to lick the urine off the ground. She was also force-fed through her nose. She was tortured until she lost consciousness. She was sent to the Dalian Second Peopleís Hospital on September 17, 1999.


After returning from the hospital, the detention center guards took turns torturing her. They pricked her face, forehead and eyebrows with toothpicks and needles whenever she closed her eyes. Sometimes they took turns slapping her face. Dark purple-colored bruises appeared all over her face. As she was wearing shackles all the time, her ankles swelled up and festered with open sores. She developed a high fever as a result of being tortured for such a long period. When the detention center contacted her husband to come and take her home, she had injuries all over her body, and had suffered from a mental collapse.


Ms. Zhu was then taken to the Dalian Psychiatric Hospital in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, where she was forced to take narcotics that numb the nervous system. If she refused to take them, the so-called doctors would tie up her arms and legs and give her injections against her will. Ms. Zhu is still being held in the psychiatric hospital and is still forced to receive injections of narcotics.



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