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Liu Jilian Sentenced and Tortured for Posting a Sign  
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Mr. Liu Jilian, male, age 55, lived in Shiyoushan Central District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. He was an employee of the Dalian Gas and Chemical Company Technical School.


In 2000, Mr. Liu was sentenced to two years of forced labor in Dalian Labor Camp because he posted a sign reading ďHope you all treat Falun Gong wellĒ. He was badly tortured in Dalian Labor Camp. Policemen shocked him with electric batons, slammed his face with shoe soles, prevented him from using the bathroom, and handcuffed him to an iron bed for several months. Around October 9, 2002 due to the torture, he could not recognize people around him, he could not control his urine and bowel movements, and could not eat or drink. Later, his family sent him to the New Century Hospital and spent 10,000 Yuan for his medical treatment. Two years after his release, his health condition did not fully recover. His eyes still could not see, and he had difficulty walking and remembering things.


On January 12, 2005 in the afternoon, Mr. Liu was arrested again. At 8:20 p.m., about eight policemen ransacked his home. One of his family members protested to the police; then the policemen pushed him to the bed and tried to cover his mouth. The second day his family members went to the Shanzhong Village Police Station and the Ganjingzi Police Station to ask for Mr. Liu. The Deputy Chief of Police, Zhu Bingwen told them that he was at a detention center, but in fact Mr. Liu was detained in the Ganjingzi Police Sub-Bureau. Mr. Liuís family members then showed policeman, Fan Chuide Mr. Liuís medical history but Fan said he didnít understand it.


on February 4, 2005, Mr. Liu was sentenced to two years of forced labor at the Dalian Labor Camp. Recently his family had to pay 1000 Yuan for his medical check-up because he had symptoms of dizziness. His family was not allowed to see him, nor did they know the results of the medical check-up. They worried very much about Mr. Liuís health condition.








type=case,arbitrary detention;type=Labor Camp,Dalian Labor Camp;location=Liaoning,Dalian

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