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Jing Yu Arbitrarily Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison in Spite of Punctured Lung and Fractured Ribs  
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--- Urgent Appeal ---

Mr. Jing Yu, 32, is from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Mr. Jing’s mother and sister are Falun Gong practitioners. After the persecution started. Mr. Jing's neighborhood association, the local Political and Legal Bureau, Public Security Station and the other government offices all participated in arresting his mother and sister. Afterwards, they ransacked their home. His second elder sister was not at home at the time, so she escaped arrest. She had to become homeless and wander around to avoid being found and arrested.

After this incident, Jing thought deeply about Falun Gong and the Chinese Communist Party's inhumane suppression of such kind-hearted people as his family members. Even his honest and kind mother and sister had been jailed. He did not understand how that could be. He decided the government must be wrong and started to practice Falun Gong.

On October 1, 2001, the local police station, along with the Yuhong District Huanghai Police Station police, showed up at his home in the evening. He refused to open the door. The police then broke into his house and arbitrarily searched and examined the rooms. They thought that his sister would be hiding there. Failing to find his sister, they seized Mr. Jing and took him to the local police station where they interrogated him. They tried to force him to tell them his sister's whereabouts and whether he was in contact with other Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Jing told them that he did not know anything. Therefore, the police brutally beat him. The head of the local police station was also present. After being detained for two days, Mr. Jing was imprisoned for 15 days at the Fangjialan City Detention Center for "disrupting the social order."

After the merciless beating, Mr. Jing started to cough constantly and his ribs and chest ached. Afterwards he went to Yuhong Hospital for an X-ray, which showed that two of his ribs were fractured and had punctured his lungs. It created a pulmonary cyst. The treatment would cost at least 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. Because his family members were constantly arrested, detained, fined, and had lost their jobs, they were in an exceptionally difficult financial situation. To survive, Jing had to make money. During the daytime he delivered mineral water to households, and in the evenings he delivered milk. He still needed to save money and to take clothes to his mother who was imprisoned in the Fangjialan Detention Center, and his sister who was imprisoned in the Municipal Detention Center, located to the north of Sujiatun. At the same time, he kept wondering about his other sister's whereabouts. In this difficult situation, his lung condition deteriorated. He lost weight and coughed all day.

His mother was sentenced to three years of forced labor, and was imprisoned in the Longshan Forced Labor Camp. His sister was released on bail for medical treatment after having gone on a hunger strike. Later, they also found their homeless sister. Because the persecution still continued, the three of them were unable to go back their home. With help, they rented a place to live while they continued to use different means to clarify the truth about the persecution.

In March 2002, the three of them were arrested at the rented apartment and were sent to the Municipal Detention Center. That evening, a young policeman was on duty. He asked if any of them had any illnesses. Mr. Jing told him immediately that he had a pulmonary cyst. Yet the officer replied without blinking an eye, "No problem. You won't die. Go in there."

Afterwards, when the authorities noticed that Mr. Jing's health had deteriorated, they sent him to the Criminal Supervising Hospital, which is affiliated with the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Actually, everyone knows that the medical conditions in these criminal hospitals, jail hospitals, and labor camp hospitals are substandard compared to local hospitals. These hospitals cannot treat serious illnesses.

At the end of October 2002, Mr. Jing was sentenced to ten years in prison. While imprisoned in the Shenyang Dabei Prison, his pulmonary tuberculosis had already caused great physical deterioration and he was in no condition to survive in prison. When he was hospitalized in the Criminal Supervising Hospital, to resist the illegal persecution against him, he went on a hunger strike for as long as eight months. His physical condition further deteriorated.

In December 2003, Mr. Jing was sent to Shenyang Prison and then transferred to the Liaoyang No. 1 Prison (also known as Huazi Prison). After they discovered his physical condition, the Huazi prison sent him to the prison health center. However, his tuberculosis had worsened. Mr. Jing has also been suffering from the long-term persecution, and therefore he has the symptoms of severe pulmonary tuberculosis, and coughs up blood. At present, his body is extremely weak.

The Huazi Prison's guards often incite criminals to beat Falun Gong practitioners, and they also detain parcels and mail from practitioners' families. In order to block the truth of how practitioners have been physically tortured from being exposed to the outside world, the prison does not allow practitioners' families to have meals with them when they come to visit. Falun Gong practitioners have to use the intercom to communicate through the glass partition. They are only allowed to talk about family matters. They are prohibited from talking about things that happen inside the prison, and neither are they allowed to talk about any matters relating to Falun Gong. A criminal who is assigned to monitor the practitioner's conversation always stands behind each practitioner. Even the practitioner's gestures and facial expressions are monitored. The nearby room is also equipped with facilities used for monitoring and watching every word and inflection. If the prison guards find anything they consider inappropriate, they immediately stop the conversation.

The practitioners have to do an excessive amount of slave labor. They have to make handicrafts, as well as sew different goods. They usually have to work long hours, often until midnight. The outside service mainly includes cement production (at Huazi New Life Cement Plant).

In the prison, the guards often force the inmates to beat practitioners, sometimes even using electric batons to shock them. In September 2004, practitioner Fan Xuejun from Huanggu District, in Shenyang City, was tortured to death. Zhou Dewei, an engineer, who was released on bail for medical treatment, died in October 2004.

On Chinese New Year’s Day 2005, Mr. Jing coughed up blood; the tuberculosis was very serious, and his body was extremely weak. He looked very pale and had lost a lot of weight. Mr. Jing Yu and his family members urgently requested that the prison release him as soon as possible so he could get proper medical treatment.


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