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Ms. Jiang Yulian Injected with Nerve-Damaging Drugs  
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Ms. Jiang Yulian worked as a nurse in the 2nd Renmin Hospital in Huaihua City, Human Province. On the afternoon of April 20, 2005, after she had just assisted with four surgeries at the hospital, a group of police officers arrested her at her workplace because she practices Falun Gong. That same night she was detained in a drug rehabilitation center.

Over 90 percent of the drug users in the center are infected with AIDS. A policeman named Yu Huimin tried to put Ms. Jiang and the AIDS patients in the same room, but the center officials refused to comply and put her into a separate room. Ms. Jiang then began a hunger strike to protest the detention.

On the sixth day of Ms. Jiang's hunger strike, at around 6 p.m., the Political and Security Section Chief, Zhou Wei, and several other policemen took her to a hospital to inject her with unknown drugs. Because Ms. Jiang refused to cooperate with them, the police tied her onto a hospital bed. At that time, Dr. Liu Renshui of the Department of Internal Medicine examined her and found her to have low blood pressure and a heart rate of 150 beats per minute. In spite of her poor physical condition, the hospital’s Communist Party Committee head, He Jinlian, ordered Dr. Liu to inject Ms. Jiang with tranquilizers, anesthetics, and other nerve-damaging drugs. Following orders, Dr. Liu forcibly injected Ms. Jiang with the drugs while she resisted and protested to the best of her ability.

They tied up Ms. Jiang’s arms and legs, and tried with all their might to hold her down so she couldn't move. The force they used on her was so great that they cut off the circulation to her arms and legs. When the doctor first stuck a needle into her arm, the drugs did not enter her bloodstream, but made her arm swell instead.

When they saw that the first injection didn't work, they prepared still more of the drugs and injected her again. That didn't work either. They became frustrated, and tried a third and fourth time. After four consecutive injections, Ms. Jiang began to feel dazed and lost consciousness.

When she awoke, it was already daytime. Her legs appeared to have been damaged from the injections. She felt sore and weak and suffered from unbearable pain. She was unable to stand up or to sit straight. The police dragged her into a police car and drove her to the drug rehabilitation center to continue the detention.

During the eighth day of Ms. Jiang’s hunger strike, they transferred her to a detention center that was surrounded by numerous sections of walls in an attempt to persecute her in secret. Ms. Jiang’s family was barred from visiting; even her two-year-old daughter couldn't see her. Her family went to the detention center to reason with them, but they responded by saying, "She got to where she is through her own fault. She chose not to eat anything. You want to sue us? Go ahead!" Huang Lin from the “610 Office” said shamelessly, "You can say that I am evil, but it is already very nice of me not to have raped her."

On the 37th day of the torture, Zhou Wei, Chief of the Political and Security Section, extorted 5,000 yuan from Ms. Jiang 's family and released her.

By the time of her release, she had been tortured the point of being just skin and bones. The authorities also confiscated her husband's identification and Ms. Jiang’s employer, the Renmin Hospital, has stopped paying her salary.

type=case,psychiatric torture;location=Hunan,Huaihua

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