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Du Guocong Tortured Over Three Years for His Belief at Daqing Labor Camp  
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Mr. Du Guocong, male, age 52, was an employee of the Assembling Workshop of the Linyuan Refinery, and lived in the Linyuan Refinery Employee Residence No. 14-4-4-301 in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.


In March 2002, Mr. Du was detained and sent to the Daqing Labor Camp because of practicing of Falun Gong. Upon his arrival at the camp, he was forced to take off his clothes for a so-called security check and was then put in a solitary compartment[1], where he was confined for one month and was allowed to step outside the cell.


In May 2002, Mr. Du was taken to the No. 1 Division for "strict control" for further persecution because he refused to give up Falun Gong. Under the order Wang Yongxiang, Deputy Director of the camp and Wang Yingzhou, Deputy Head of the Division, he was not only forced to do heavy manual labor, but also tortured every day by inmates. Wang Yingzhou also instructed a doctor to force-feed him painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication many times so that evidence of the torture would not be visible. Inmates Zhao Jinfa, Li Chunfa, Fei Qingwei, Li Chunlong and some others tortured him in various ways, including punching and kicking, elbowing, hitting with a wooden plank, hitting with a 2-meter-long by 6-mm-wide rubber tube, force-feeding with urine and feces, and dousing with cold water. The torture would last for one to five hours. After they tortured  him, Mr. Du was too weak to stand up to do manual labor; nevertheless inmates would then hold him up and force him to continue working.

One day, seven criminals dragged Mr. Du into a water supply room to tortured him. Just as Mr. Du was about to shout for help, several of the inmates choked him. Criminal Li Chunlong placed a plank on Mr. Du's neck and several criminals pressed on it until Mr. Du's neck was severely swollen. He was tortured until he lost consciousness. As a result, he could not speak for two weeks and had difficulty swallowing.

Once  Wang Yingzhou ordered inmates to hose him for over one hour in a water supply room, he also instructed inmates to use a shoe brush on Mr. Du's back while hosing him with the cold water. The sharp unbearable pain and numbing cold caused Mr. Du to loose consciousness.

Criminal Fei Qingwe always hit Mr. Du on his abdomen; sometimes putting a cushion on the part he was going to hit which caused internal injury only so as to cover evidence of the torture.

In the five months between October 2002 and March 2003, Mr. Du was locked in a solitary compartment. Every day he was forced to sit on a stool that was approximately 20 cm [6 in.] high for 20 hours a day. He was made to endure this for two weeks. During that time, four criminals Zhao Jinfa, Zhang Tie, Lang Yuzhu, and Zhao Junmin on two shifts monitored and tortured him. They put a plastic bag over his head and tied it with a rope around his neck. Then the four of them lit several cigarettes each and took turns blowing the smoke into the plastic bag through a thin plastic tube.

In October 2002, while it was very cold in Northern China, Mr. Du was stripped naked and tied to a “Tiger Bench”. Inmates handcuffed him and doused him with cold water. They also opened all the windows and blew him with fan. To prevent him from shouting, they inserted a square stick into his mouth. Some criminals beat Mr. Du with rectangular boards. The torture and severe beating lasted for 16 hours. Once, Zhao Jinfa and others stripped Mr. Du naked, forced him to squat down and then kicked his testicles until they were swollen and blackened. As a result Mr. Du had difficulty urinating for two weeks.

In November 2002, guard Li Haitao incited inmates to strip Mr. Du naked and whip him with a 6-mm-thick rubber tube, when he was knocked to the ground they would punch and kick him. They kicked Mr. Du in the nose with their leather shoes, which caused heavy bleeding. He was quickly covered with blood and there was blood on the ground.

Guard Li Haitao stopped the torture and said to Mr. Du angrily, “Why did you write a letter to me? Why did you provide evidence accusing me of beating Falun Gong practitioners and of enjoying the use of violence?”

Wang Yingzhou frequently took Mr. Du to his office, abused, and beat him up. Then he ordered criminals to drag him to a water supply room, and hosed cold water on his naked body. Eventually, Mr. Du broke down both physically and mentally. He vomited, constantly felt dizzy, could not see clearly, lost consciousness, and suffered from memory loss.


The No. 1 Division of the Daqing Forced Labor Camp received a Group Merit Citation Class II from the Daqing Justice Bureau for its persecution of at least ten Falun Gong practitioners. This is evidence of one of the many crimes committed by the Daqing Forced Labor Camp staff.


On evening in July 2003, because Mr. Du Guocong had been tortured for such a long period of time, he collapsed. He vomited half a basin of blood and was sent to the Daqing People’s Hospital for emergency treatment. After checking him over, the physician requested that he be hospitalized. However, because the camp staff doesn’t care about the lives of Falun Gong practitioners, Mr. Du was taken back to the camp. As a result of the hard labor and torture he experienced over the past years, Mr. Du’s blood pressure was very low -- 50/80 to 60/90. His eyesight was very poor, he often felt dizzy, he was anemic, frequently vomited, and was extremely underweight.


During the three years of forced labor, Mr. Du was not allowed to make a single phone call or to see his family. At least 30 prison guards and criminals in the forced labor camp beat him.


[1] "Being confined in a solitary compartment" refers to locking up a single detainee in a small cell, which contains a basin and a pair of handcuffs. The basin is used both for face washing and as a toilet. One end of the handcuffs is attached to the door railing and the other end to the detainee’s wrist. The handcuffs can be fastened to the door railing at three different heights. In the highest position, the detainee has to extend his/her arm above the head. The middle position is at waist level. At the lowest position, the detainee must sit on the ground.


type=case,torture;type=Labor Camp, Daqing Labor Camp;location=Heilongjiang,Daqing

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