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Issue 17: Chinese Policeman Rapes Two Falun Gong Practitioners in the Same Day  
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Ms. Liu Jizhi (51 years old) was brutally beaten and raped

On November 24, 2005, police from the Dongchengfang Town Police Station, Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province arrested, interrogated, and tortured several Falun Gong practitioners. The next day, policeman He Xuejun took two of them, Ms. Liu Jizhi (age 51) and Ms. Han Yuzhi (age 42), to his dorm room, and raped them in the presence of other policemen. Ms. Liu's family even had to borrow 3,000 Yuan to pay off the police to secure her release.

The serial rapes occurred while the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Question of Torture was in Beijing conducting an investigation of torture in China.

Words cannot express the Chinese authorities' ruthless contempt for international standards and for humanity.

We, the righteous people, must find some way to speak to world governments, media, and communities if we still have hope for humanity.

The outrageous crimes humiliated and traumatized Ms. Liu, Ms. Han, and their families. However, they also humiliate modern civilization. No one knows how many more have been devastated in the persecution of Falun Gong. However, there have been too many reports of similar crimes, and our governments, media, and large corporations for sure know that the barbaric persecution has gone on for more than six years. When was the last time a major offense against humanity went on for such a long time without a single government paying genuine attention?

The real humiliation does not lie in the inability to speak up and to defend. The real humiliation lies in the giving away of humanity's core values, in the indifference, in counting the money made in China while pretending deafness to the victims, and in eulogizing the Chinese regime's supposed human rights improvements so as justify business interests.

In that larger sense, the unyielding Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, Buddhists, dissidents, and other human rights defenders in China are defending humanity from the ultimate humiliation. With utter respect, we present to you Ms. Liu Jizhi's courageous exposure of the Chinese communist regime's evil crimes.

Below is Ms. Liu Jizhi's personal appeal to the world's people:

Kind-hearted people,

My name is Liu Jizhi. I am 51 years old. I live in Xituan Village, Dongchengfang Town, Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. My husband's name is Wei Xiliang, and we have two daughters. I began to practice Falun Gong in February 1999. Before that, I was plagued by low blood pressure, arrhythmia, and leg pain. In particular, a herniated lumbar disc had kept me bedridden for a long period of time. My husband not only had to work the field, but also do all of the housework. The hardship caused me to have a bad temper. After I practiced Falun Gong for one month, however, I could join the fieldwork and take care of housework, and my family also became harmonious. My daughters noticed and said: "Mother has changed for the better." Indeed, Falun Gong changed my life, and brought my family happiness.

Unfortunately, a few months after I started practicing Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist regime launched a violent persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Since then, local officials and the police have kept harassing us, and my peaceful family was thrown into turmoil.

Ms. Liu's hips and thighs were severely bruised

At around 8 p.m. on November 24, 2005, a group of policemen climbed over our fence and broke into my house. I was doing housework at that time and was startled. They shouted wildly and rummaged through everything. Policeman Xing ordered me to stand still. I asked them, while shivering, "Who are you? What are you doing?" They shouted, "Don't ask! Don't move!"

After trashing my house, they confiscated all of my Falun Gong-related materials, forced me into a police car, and took me to the Village Office, where several of my fellow practitioners, including Ms. Han Yuzhi, Mr. Wei Baoliang, and Mr. Wang Helin, were also detained. After they took in another practitioner, Ms. Qu Wenting, they took us to the Dongchengfang Town Police Station, locked us in an office, and interrogated us one by one.

Policemen Xing interrogated me first, together with policeman He Xuejian and another policeman. Xing asked, "Tell me from whom you learned Falun Gong! Have you practiced together with Mr. Wang Helin? Anybody else?" I said, "No." He asked again, "Did you meet with practitioners from other villages? Have you practiced with Han Yuzhi?" I told him no. Xing then said, "You are not being honest. Don't you Falun Gong practitioners speak the truth?" I told him that was the honest answer. Xing said again, "You are the same age as my mother. I hope you tell me the truth, or I will have to be hard on you." I told him again that I answered truthfully. Xing then said, "You are playing innocent, but you are dishonest. Stand up!"

He forced me to sit in a squatting position with my arms raised up, and beat my buttocks with a rubber-coated iron club. He beat me so hard that he was almost out of breath. While he paused to catch his breath, he threatened, "You Falun Gong practitioners are very stubborn, but I don't believe that we cannot break you." Policeman He Xuejian then came over, grabbed my collarbone very hard, and slapped me several times. Seeing that I still would not give in, he used an electric baton to shock my thighs, and then beat my buttocks savagely. I fell forward from their violent strikes. They pulled me up and continued to beat me, leaving bruises all over my body.

Dongchengfang Town government building

Zhuozhou City Dongchengfang Police Station

When they grew tired of beating me, policeman He Xuejian grabbed my breast, and said with a sullied smile, "Do you think I am a scoundrel?..." They then wrote up an interrogation report, and forced me to place my thumbprint on it without letting me see the contents. They then sent me back to the office thereafter.

They took me for a second interrogation at around 11 p.m. Policeman He Xuejian again beat me savagely until I broke into tears. That night the police locked us in a small room. Four of us ladies sat on the bed, while the two gentlemen sat on the little stool for the whole night. The police did not even allow us to go to the bathroom all night.

The next day, the policemen went to Xituan Village to arrest more Falun Gong practitioners. When they returned after lunch, policeman He Xuejian took me to his dorm room. Policemen Wang Zengjun, his roommate, was lying on his bed. "610 Office" member Wang Huiqi was standing in the room.

Without saying anything, He Xuejian proceeded to beat my buttocks with a baton, and then clenched my throat, almost suffocating me. He next pinched my breast, lifted up my shirt, and said, "Very tender flesh." He used an electric baton to shock my nipples. Watching the sparks, He Xuejian said to the other two repeatedly, "This is fun! See her nipples spark?" Then he pushed me onto his bed, and started to strip off my pants.

Wang Huiqi was in the room the entire time, and did not stop He Xuejian. When he saw what He Xuejian was going to do, he simply said "Fix her up good" and left the room, leaving the door wide open.

I resisted He Xuejian and pushed him away. He forced me onto the bed again and hit my face. He then forced two fingers into me. I pushed him very hard. He sat on me to pin me down and touched my breasts. I turned away but he turned my head back to force me to watch him. Then he took off his pants. I struggled as hard as I could, pushing him with both hands, and pleaded, "For your own sake, do not do such a bad deed! You are a policeman. Do not commit a crime that heaven will not forgive! You are a young man. I am an old lady. Please spare me!" At that time he looked like a demon, not listening to anything, and forced himself into me. I screamed out loud, but no one responded.

Throughout this time, policeman Wang Zengjun simply lay on the bed and watched, without uttering a word.

I closed my eyes. He Xuejian shouted like a beast, "Open your eyes, old lady. Look at me!" He also slapped me more. When he finally left me, my mind went blank; I did not even remember pulling up my pants. He even said to me, "This is just a short one. The long one is for tonight." I shivered and feared what he would do.

After I returned to the office, I cried so loudly, "I cannot face anyone; I want to die here; I cannot go back to our village again!" I then tried to hit my head against the table corner. Fellow practitioners held me back. I told the other three female practitioners very weakly, "You must be careful; this sinful crime might befall you." Before I finished warning them, He Xuejian escorted Ms. Han Yuzhi out. I cried so hard in Ms. Qu Wenting's lap. She asked me what had happened, and I told her I had been raped. Ms. Qu cried, "How can they do heaven's forbidden crimes!" The other practitioners were all shaking. I pressed my hands together toward Mr. Wang Helin, "Please save Ms. Han Yuzhi now!"

After half an hour, we were all forced to do labor in the yard. I saw Ms. Han Yuzhi doing labor as well, with a very pale face. I asked her, "What did they do to you?" She said, "He raped me." We both cried while holding each other. He Xuejian saw us crying, and shouted, "What are you doing? Get back to work!"

That night, He Xuejian again dragged me about, trying to find a room to rape me, but all the rooms were full of people, so I was able to escape from being raped again.

On November 26, my father-in-law borrowed 1,000 Yuan, wanting to secure my release, but they said it was not enough; he then borrowed another 2,000 Yuan, and bailed me out. My two daughters are both in college, and need a lot of money, and the harvest was not good; this 3,000 Yuan is a heavy burden on our family.

Kind-hearted people, what did I do wrong? Why have I received such humiliation just because I am trying to be a better person, healing my sicknesses, and keeping fit? How can I face the world from now on? I am an innocent person. Why is it so hard to be a good person in China? They dared to do such violence to me, a good lady in her fifties. I hereby call on all people with conscience to pay attention to the evil crimes that happened to me. If the persecution of Falun Gong does not stop, these tragedies will continue. Right now, I am suffering after the shock of being raped, I feel blurry-minded, and my lower body is in constant pain. I have lost the courage to live, and the confidence to face the world. I only hope the world's people will wake up. I hope this persecution will end soon, and hope such crimes will end soon!

Official Contacts for Zhuozhou City:

  • Li Ming, Chairman of the Baoding City "610" Office, Baoding City and the Deputy Secretary of Baoding City government. He also works at the Baoding City Legal Training Base
  • Zhang Weiqiang, Chairman of Political and Security Division at the Baoding City Public Security Bureau. He lives at the Zhuozhou City Professional College: +86-312-3853255 (office), +86-312-3829106 (home)
  • Zhou Wenjie from the Zhuozhou City Public Security Bureau: +86-312-3867566 (office), +86-13903125711 (mobile)
  • Zhou Yancang from Zhuozhou City Public Security Bureau: +86-312-3855656
  • Li Baoping and Yang Yugang from State Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau. Yang Yugang has been transferred to the Shuangta Police Station in Zhuozhou City: +86-312-3632025 (office)

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