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Sexual Violations and Torture of Female Falun Gong Practitioners  
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1. Beijing Police Officer Beat and Raped a Female Falun Gong Practitioner in Public
The injuries to this practitioner
A female Falun Gong practitioner (name withheld to protect the victim)

On May 14, 2001, after 9 p.m., a Falun Gong practitioner was posting Falun Gong flyers alone along the street from Dabeiyao to the Yonganli City canal in the Chaoyang District. A plainclothes policeman who was on patrol duty stopped her. He viciously groped around this practitioner's lower body under the excuse of conducting a body search. She struggled free and ran down the street. He chased after her on his bicycle, and beat her fiercely with a rubber baton. He threateningly told her, "My superior has said not to let go of any Falun Gong practitioner. Today, I will either kill you and throw your body into the city canal, or take you to the police station." She tried to run away but did not succeed. The policeman beat her for over an hour, bringing her to the verge of death. There were about a dozen passersby who came to watch during that time. He shouted to them, "She is a Falun Gong practitioner. She is an active counterrevolutionary. If I beat her to death, it will count as nothing." All passersby hastily left.

Two of her front teeth were knocked out from the beating. This rogue police officer inflicted many wounds on her head, and left her whole body swollen and bruised.

The plainclothes policeman gave her a heavy blow with his baton on her right ear and temple. She then lost consciousness. After she lost consciousness, he dragged her under the bridge and ripped off her pants. He raped her. After that, he forced his rubber baton into her vagina using his full strength and sat on her. When this practitioner regained consciousness and a little strength, she shouted as loudly as she could; he then rode away on his bicycle.

2. Huang Qifen Seriously Burned by Electric Shock in Sensitive Parts of her Body

Huang Qifen, in her 50's, a member of the clinical staff in Yanjiang District's Internal-combustion En-gine Factory Hospital in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province

On December 20, 2000, Ms. Huang Qifen went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to peacefully appeal to the government to end the persecution of Falun Gong. She was subsequently arrested and detained in a Beijing police station and endured all kinds of torture. Her face, breasts, genitals and other parts of the body were seriously burned and injured from being shocked with electric batons. She fell unconscious from the severe shocks. When Ms. Huang woke up, they told her that she could only be released if she agreed to tell others that her burns were self-inflicted. After Ms. Huang returned home, she could not go out-side of her home unless her face and body were covered since they were horribly burned. The black burn marks, which turned into open wounds, were repulsive to see.

3. Guards Abused Female Practitioners' Private Parts

1) Bai Lili, resident of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

2) Chan Shuhua, resident of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

3) Zheng Baohua, 23, a junior student at the Education College of the Northern China Oil-field, Hebei Province

Since May 2000, Falun Gong practitioners detained at the Women's Labor Camp in Shijiazhuang City have suffered inhuman torture for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. For example, the guards have repeatedly slapped the practitioners' faces with the soles of their shoes. Ms. Bai Lili lost her hearing from such beatings. Practitioners have been tortured so badly that they have bruises all over their bodies. Ms. Chan Shuhua had many scars on her body from being scratched. Ms. Zheng Baohua was hung up with only her toes slightly touching the ground for an extended period of time. The guards have even abused practitioners sexually, such as rubbing their pubes and beating them on their breasts. On July 3, many practitioners were detained in a room that was about 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) for a whole day. They were prohibited from going out or using the toilet.

4. Elderly Female Practitioners Forced to Walk Naked in Public

Liu Jiaming, over 55; Wang Rulan, over 55; Chen Lihua, over 55

In August 2000, four elderly female Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Liu Jiaming, Ms. Wang Rulan, Ms. Chen Lihua, and one whose name is unknown were arrested and sent to the Dispatch Center in Daxing County, Beijing. Upon their arrival, police examined all of their belongings, taking apart their quilts to see whether they had anything inside them. Then the police forced them to take off all of their clothing. After all the checking was done, the police forced the four naked, elderly women into the courtyard and made them reassemble their quilts. At the time, male policemen were patrolling in the courtyard and the women were exposed to all the male criminal inmates.

5. Female Practitioner Stripped Naked and Tortured

Wang Li, 31, a journalist from the Women's Newspaper of Hubei Province

Since July 22, 1999, Ms. Wang Li has been detained several times for appealing to the central government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. On the evening of February 18, 2000, she was detained in the Baofeng Road Detention Center in Wuhan City. In order to force her to renounce Falun Gong, the police hung her up by the window for three days with her face facing the wall and her feet barely touching the ground. Afterwards, the police put the "dead shackles" on her. Ms. Wang was then stripped of her clothes, shackled to a wooden board, and kept there immobilized for 11 days straight. There was a hole on the board for urinating and defecating.

After that Ms. Wang was made to bear a kind of "live shackles," that is, both her hands and feet were shackled 24 hours a day, for 18 days. At the end of March 2000 she received a sentence of one and a half years of forced labor. On April 3, 2000, she was sent to the Wuhan Drug Rehabilitation Center. She was beaten and insulted by the inmates in the center. Ms. Wang was forced to do heavy labor for nearly 18 hours a day. She was only given a small amount of rice, one cup of salt water, and a few pieces of vegetables daily.

In July 2000, Ms. Wang went on a hunger strike for more than 10 days to protest the detention. She was force-fed more than 10 times. After the force-feeding, the tube withdrawn from her nose was covered with congealed blood. She was also forced to do heavy labor during her hunger strike. After 5 months torture, Ms. Wang's weight dropped from 93 lbs to 66 lbs.

6. Massive Sexual Abuse in Masanjia Labor Camp
A female practitioner stripped naked
and thrown into male jail

In June 2000, 18 female practitioners at the Masanjia Labor Camp were stripped naked and thrown into prison cells with violent male criminals who were encouraged to rape and abuse them. Practitioners were forced to stand naked in front of video monitors as a form of humiliation, and to stand naked in the snow for extended periods of time.

Female practitioners in the Masanjia Labor Camp are constantly subject to being stripped and shocked on their genitals with electric stun batons. They are sexually degraded and humiliated while being interrogated all in an effort to force them to renounce Falun Gong.

6.1 Li Shuyun Shocked on Sensitive Body Areas

Li Shuyun, from Liaoning Province

The guards forced Ms. Li Shuyun to strip down to her underwear. They then surrounded her and used several electric batons to shock sensitive areas on her body. After this torture, her neck and the arches of her feet were covered with large blisters and lumps.

Ms. Liu Fengmei
6.2 Liu Fengmei Stripped and Shocked on Sensitive Parts of Her Body

Liu Fengmei, 36, a worker from Niuerhe Spinning Mill, resident of Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

In November 1999, the police stripped off Ms. Liu Fengmei's clothes and pressed her into the snowy ground outside. This caused not only mental suffering from the humiliation, but also physical pain from the extreme cold. Then the police tied Ms. Liu's legs together and shocked sensitive parts of her body. When Ms. Liu was trembling from the shocks, they sat on her thighs to stop her from shaking and continued with the electric shock torture for over 2 hours. The skin on her neck was burnt and dark, and large areas of blisters appeared all over her neck. She had large blisters on her hands as well. It took a long time for the blisters to heal.

6.3 Zhang Guishuang Stripped Naked and Stunned with Electronic Batons

Zhang Guishuang, from Liaoning Province

In Masanjia Labor Camp, Ms. Zhang Guishuang was stripped naked and repeatedly stunned with electronic batons. She was tortured so badly that she began to roll around on the ground crying in pain. Her body was covered with blisters and bumps.

6.4 Qi Zhenrong Stripped Naked and Shocked with Electronic Batons

Qi Zhenrong, 41, from Huanren Town, Benxi City, Liaoning Province

On October 29, 1999, Ms. Qi Zhenrong was sentenced to three years of forced labor and sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp. Once, she was stripped naked and simultaneously stunned with several electric batons for an extended period of time. Her whole body was covered with blisters and red bumps. She had been on a hunger strike for 40 days to protest the illegal extension of Falun Gong practitioners' sentences. She was sent to the labor camp hospital, for which the police at the labor camp charged her family 5,000 Yuan.

6.5 Shi Yingchun Shocked on Her Breasts

Shi Yingchun, over 50, resident of Huludao City, Liaoning Province

Because she would not renounce Falun Gong, Officer Zhang shocked Ms. Shi Yingchun's face, mouth, palms, soles of her feet, sides and some sensitive acupuncture points with an electric baton. He even shocked her breasts. Officer Zhang then called in three convicted prisoners and ordered them to beat her for two hours. He forced Ms. Shi to do labor until 9 or 10 p.m. daily, even with her severe injuries.

6.6 Wang Hui Shocked on Her Breasts

Wang Hui, 33, from Dalian City, Liaoning Province

Ms. Wang Hui was handcuffed to a bed with a dishtowel stuffed in her mouth and shocked with an electric baton on her face, head, lower jaw, breasts, stomach, shoulders and, most often, her wrists and her hands. After this torture, her eyes became dull and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Her neck and hands swelled where the flesh had cracked from the shocks. The shock tortures lasted for 20 to 30 minutes. In Room #1, in front of other practitioners, guard Wang beat Ms. Wang's head, kicked her with his boots, made her squat down, cursed at her and repeatedly slapped her face.

After this mental abuse and physical beating, Ms. Wang looked pale, her lips looked colorless and she could not see properly. Ms. Wang's arms and wrists could not move without severe pain for a long time afterwards because she had been shocked so seriously.

6.7 Yan Fengqin Shocked on Her Breasts

Yan Fengqin, resident of Liaoning Province

Ms. Yan Fengqin was taken into a separate room, slapped, and kicked. The guard took two electric batons and discharged them on Ms. Yan's body, including her face, neck, chest, and breasts. This torture caused extreme pain.

6.8 Tian Miao Shocked on Her Breasts and Genitals

Tian Miao, resident of Liaoning Province

Ms. Tian Miao was taken to an office and stripped of her clothing. Two female guards tortured her with electric batons, especially on her breasts, the soles of her feet, and genitals. She was rolling on the floor in pain. They cuffed her hands together and cuffed her feet apart to two legs of a table. To muffle her screams of pain, they stuffed a filthy cloth into her mouth. The two guards took turns torturing her with more than 10 electric batons for nearly one hour.

6.9 Zhang Xiujie Shocked in the Vagina

Zhang Xiujie, resident of Liaoning Province

Ms. Zhang Xiujie was beaten and shocked with electric batons and was even shocked in the vagina. She lost consciousness from the repeated electric shocks.

6.10 Zou Guirong Forced to Expose Her Breasts and Tortured

Zou Guirong, over 30, resident of Fushun City, Liaoning Province

Ms. Zou Guirong has been tortured relentlessly since February 2000. When some journalists and officials visited the Masanjia Labor Camp, Ms. Zou stood up and started to say good things about Falun Gong but was immediately beaten up by nearby inmates. She has gone through multiple severe beatings and electric shocks during her time at the Labor Camp. They even inserted toothpicks under her fingernails. After causing wounds and bruises all over her body, the guards humiliated Ms. Zou by forcing her to bare her breasts and walk from one cell to another. Some-times she was made to bend over and sometimes she was hung upside down until her face turned red and her eyes protruded. She endured such torture for over half a year.

6.11 Qi Yuling Shocked on Her Nipples

Qi Yuling, resident of Liaoning Province

Ms. Qi Yuling was punished by being forced to sit on the cement floor in winter while the police beat and kicked her. She was shocked on her nipples and suffered unbearable pain. She was also repeatedly sent to solitary confinement for extended periods. These tortures caused her great physical and mental suffering.

6.12 Wang Manli Beaten and Shocked into Unconsciousness

Wang Manli, 32, resident of Benxi City, Liaoning Province

The guards forced Ms. Wang Manli to bend over at the waist as far as possible (with both legs straight, fingers pointing to the ground and head hanging upside down), since Ms. Wang refused to renounce Falun Gong. The guards also forced more than ten Falun Gong practitioners in the same room into the same contorted position. These practitioners were forced to do this continuously, night after night. Some people vomited. Others lost consciousness. The head guard and a supervisor slapped Ms. Wang's face until she could not stand up anymore. Then they beat her head and shocked her with electric batons until she lost consciousness.

6.13 Jia Naizhi Stripped Naked and Her Breasts Shocked

Jia Naizhi, 40, resident of Fushun City, Liaoning Province

Ms. Jia Naizhi was held and tortured in a "small cell" for 19 days. The police, including Yang Yu, Zhang Yan, Zhang Jun and Dong Bin, stripped off her clothes and shocked her breasts, feet and other sensitive parts of her body with electric batons. Her ankles became swollen to the diameter of a saucer, and she could not bend her legs. She had to crawl on the floor in order to defecate. Her arms were handcuffed and she was hung up for six days until she began running a high fever. Even then, she was not released from the handcuffs; they were only lowered slightly. Her re-quest for water and a blanket was denied. Instead they continued to shock her with electric batons.

7. Government Officials Tortured Female Practitioners on the Breasts

1) Zhang Xuefeng, 22, resident of Daqinjia Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

2) Chen Diancui, resident of Daqinjia Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

3) Li Meixin, resident of Daqinjia Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

4) Li Juhua, resident of Daqinjia Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

During January 13, 2000, several female Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and tortured in Daqinjia Town of Zhaoyuan City because they refused to renounce Falun Gong.

On the night of January 1, 2000, Officer Sheng from the Daqinjia Town Government and other people beat Ms. Zhang Xuefeng to the ground. Then, Sheng clasped his fingers around her breast and lifted her up off the ground. "I will make you infertile..." he vowed, then kicked her very hard in her lower abdomen. He continued torturing Ms. Zhang, even spitting into her mouth several times, until she lost consciousness, and then he continued to sexually violate her in various ways. After Ms. Zhang regained consciousness, she found that she had lost control of her bladder, and started to vomit violently.

On the night of January 1, 2000, Officers Sheng and Yu and their fellow officers beat Ms. Li Juhua with wooden sticks. After two wooden sticks were bro-ken, they used another baton to continue to beat Ms. Li. Her face was swollen and contorted. On the night of January 2, 2000, the officials from the Daqinjia Town Government stripped off the clothes of Ms. Chen Diancui and kept her outdoors for up to 2 hours. During the night, it was about 25 Celsius (13 Fahrenheit).

8. Torture Caused Ms. Li's Vaginal Bleeding

Li Shulan, 46, from Yonghong District, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province

On November 30, 2000, Ms. Li Shulan was arrested and badly tortured at the Haidian Branch of the Beijing Police Bureau. The police stripped off all of her clothing, except for her underwear, and put her in a cell. A policeman with the last name Li ordered the criminal inmates to beat her up. The criminals pulled her hair, which caused much of her hair to fall out, and knocked her head against the wall, leaving her head covered with bruises. They also put socks into Ms. Li's mouth and used a towel tied tightly around her neck to choke her until she lost consciousness. Then they poured cold water over her body to revive her and continue the torture. They pierced Ms. Li's eyelids, face, breast, and chest with a ballpoint pen. This made her face and body bleed, and she could not open her eyes and mouth. After the torture, Ms. Li's head and legs became swollen and she was not able to bend her hands, arms, or legs. Her body was black and blue all over. In spite of her condition, the police continued to torture her by shocking her all over her body with an electric baton. To protest the torture, Ms. Li went on a hunger strike. On the 13thday of the hunger strike, she was sentenced to one year of forced labor. The swelling in Ms. Li's eyes did not recede for one month, and the bruises on her body did not fade for six months. Ms. Li has suffered from vaginal bleeding, and half of her body remained numb for a year. When she was released at the end of a year, she still could not walk normally.

9. Chen Yali Sexually Humiliated and Abused at Wanjia Labor Camp

Chen Yali, 32, resident of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

When detained in the Wanjia Labor Camp, Ms. Chen Yali was tied up and hung in the air for 27 hours. She was beaten and sexually assaulted by policeman Li Min. He hung her up very high, only allowing her toes to touch the floor, and then he swung her back and forth to make her scream. He also grabbed her breasts and private parts of her body, and shouted vile words to insult her. Later, she was locked in the "small cell." It is a torture device in China: the detainee is locked in a very small cell, handcuffed in a fixed position so she can neither move nor lie down. It is very damp and there is no natural lighting. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. At night rats run around. The stench is usually so bad that it is difficult to breathe. She became infected with scabies in this environment.

10. Severely Beaten and Sexually Abused by Police

Yan Juying, an employee of the Yanjiao Road and Bridge Company, Sanhe City, Hebei Province

On October 6, 2000, Ms. Yan Juying went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. She was arrested and sent back to the Sanhe City Police Bureau. While she was in the police car, policemen kicked her, beat her, pulled her hair, slapped her face and forcefully kicked her private parts. Then they lifted her into the air and violently threw her onto the ground. They beat Ms. Yan's buttocks hundreds of times with a wooden rod. Her buttocks became black and blue and badly swollen. Later, policeman Yang whipped Ms. Yan numerous times and inflicted electric shocks upon her whole body. She was tortured so badly that no area of her body was left uninjured. Her face was deformed be-cause Yang used a slipper to slap her face and an electric baton to shock her mouth.

In the end, Yang threatened to splash her body with boiling water and ordered her to take her clothes off. Ms. Yan resisted firmly. Yang also threatened that he would find some men to rape her. He then force-fully abused Ms. Yan's genitals. That night, she was sent to the town government's hall to attend a brain-washing class.

11. Farm Woman Sexually Tortured in Labor Camp

Huang Xiuling, 59, a farm woman, resident of Fuma Village, Majuqiao Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing

In the afternoon of June 30, 2000, because of practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Huang Xiuling was arrested and sent to the Tongzhou's Qiaozhuan Detention Center in Beijing. In the detention center, police-men ordered three or four male prisoners to beat her up. She was handcuffed and chained. They used electric batons to shock her body, and stomped on her feet. These insane criminals held up her breasts and pinched the tips of her nipples. Later, Ms. Huang said that it was so painful that she couldn't breathe. They kicked her in her groin, and only stopped beating her when they became tired.

To protest the illegal detention and torture, Ms. Huang went on a hunger strike. By that time, Ms. Huang had injuries all over her body. Her face and knees were dark purple, and her insteps were mutilated. On the afternoon of July 2, the police started to force-feed her with a tube--the tube was inserted into her nose and down into her stomach. It was extremely painful. Police wanted her to pay 10 Yuan for the single-use disposable tube. Since Ms. Huang didn't have any money, the police left the tube in her body so that they could use it again.

In the evening, the pain became unbearable and she pulled the tube out. The next day, when she was force-fed again, the police put her hands behind her back and filled the tube. One end of the tube was left in her stomach, the other side came out from her nose. That evening, after Ms. Huang developed a high fever, they gave her some medicine. Her high fever didn't settle and she started vomiting. When the police realized that Ms. Huang's life was in danger, they hastily sentenced her to the labor camp for one year. Later that evening, they sent Ms. Huang home and asked the village committee to watch her.

Within five days, a perfectly healthy person was almost tortured to death. Ms. Huang returned home and began to practice the Falun Gong exercises. She recovered very quickly. Gradually, she recovered her ability to swallow rice porridge. However, the police were not finished with her. On July 13, 2000, only a few days later, they illegally took Ms. Huang away from her home and sent her to the Beijing Tiantanghe Female Labor Camp for forced labor. In the labor camp, they used all kinds of vicious methods to torture the practitioners. Ms. Huang was tortured so badly that her neck could no longer hold her head up-right.

12. A Practitioner Humiliated and Sexually Tortured

Feng Chunming, 49, detained in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, Hebei Province

Ms. Feng Chunming was detained and beaten in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong. Policemen punched and kicked her, and pulled her hair, causing bunches of hair to fall out. Her legs were kicked countless times, becoming swollen like steamed bread with hard bruises that did not heal for over two months. After the beating, the policeman also hung her up against an iron gate, with her toes barely touching the ground, for an hour and a half. During this period, policewoman Chen Rong swung the iron gate back and forth, causing her elbows to hit the wall. This policewoman also poured dirty water onto Ms. Feng's body, and poured boiling water onto her, saying: "This is to sterilize you with high heat." The supervisor handcuffed Ms. Feng to the window for 6 days, exposing her to the scorching sun for hours each day, which caused her legs to swell and turn black and purple. Ms. Feng was forced to squat while being handcuffed to the leg of a table. She was not al-lowed to sit down. Her hands, arms and legs were badly swollen. Once she sat down, the supervisor vehemently hit her.

Ms. Feng was handcuffed 24 hours a day for 9 consecutive days without rest or sleep. In the labor camps, it is normal for Falun Gong practitioners to be beaten and kicked. This treatment lasted for over two months. During this time, the police even stuffed her mouth with toothpaste, soap, feminine pads, hot peppers and used bathroom tissues coated with phlegm. The torture also included such barbaric treatment as pinching her breasts and private parts.

13. Stripped Naked and Tortured in Unsanitary Conditions

Yu Lixin, 36, holds a bachelor's degree, a former Communist Party member and an employee of Jilin City Worker's Union

On May 29, 2001, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yu Lixin was sentenced to 5 years in jail and sent to the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp of Changchun City. She went on a hunger strike three times to protest the persecution. Later, she was sent to the Changchun Po-lice Central Hospital. When her relatives visited her at the hospital, they found her handcuffed, shackled, and chained to the bed. Her hands and feet were stretched out and chained to each corner of the bed. She was naked except for a T-shirt. An intravenous drip bottle was attached to her foot and a feeding tube had been inserted into her stomach through her nose. She was not allowed to move at all and had to defecate and urinate directly on the bed. When she was unable to urinate, the doctor inserted a catheter into her bladder to empty it. Though immobile, she was under strict 24-hour surveillance.

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