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Shan Yuqin Suffered Mental Breakdown and Paralysis, Died from the Persecution  
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Ms. Shan Yuqin (48) was from Dalianhe Town, Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, where she raised watermelons to support her family. In February 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal to the government for the right to practice Falun Gong. For exercising her right to appeal, the Dalianhe Town Police Department arrested her, sent her to the Yilan County Second Detention Center and forcibly confiscated 2,500 Yuan of her money. In July 2000, she was detained again for 34 days and the police confiscated another 1,500 Yuan. On November 27, 2000, the Dalianhe Town Police Department arrested her at her home, sent to a detention center for 210 days and fined her 960 Yuan. During this detention period, she was subjected to forced brainwashing where she was severely tortured. Because Ms. Shan was frequently arrested and detained, no one was available to attend to her crop. As a result, her family did not have any income and led a very hard life.

In 2001, the Dalianhe Town Police Department arrested Ms. Shan again and sentenced her to two years of forced labor at the Wanjia Labor Camp. There the police brutally beat her and shocked her with electric batons. They cuffed her hands and hung her up. The handcuffs cut deep into her flesh and left deep scars on her wrists. When they were beating her, they knocked out fourteen of her teeth. Due to the long-term torture, her health deteriorated severely. Half of her body was paralyzed and she could no longer take care of herself. She suffered a mental collapse, and had frequent mood swings. One minute she was crying, and the next minute she was laughing. Only because of this condition did the labor camp finally advise the Dalianhe Town Police Department to ask her family to pick her up. However, the town government Party Secretary Mao Yongfeng and the Dalianhe Town Police Department Chief refused to stamp the documents needed for Ms. Shan's release. Later, when Mao Yongfeng went to the labor camp to do some business, the camp authorities asked if they could release Ms. Shan on a medical parole. Mao replied, "Is she still alive? As long as she still has one breath left, keep her here." As a result, Ms. Shan was detained for another six months, during which time her condition got progressively worse. On December 30, 2003, the Yinlan County "610 Office" and Ms. Shan's family picked her up. After she returned home, she remained paralyzed and bedridden and her health kept deteriorating. On August 20, 2004, she passed away.

type=Case, Death; type=Case, Women; location=Heilongjiang, Yilan; type=labor camp, Wanjia Labor Camp; tpye=case, torture

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