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Liao Yuanhua’s Suffering at Fanjiatai Labor Camp : Broken leg, Burnt Skin, Heavy Labor and Beating  
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Mr. Liao Yuanhua, male, former Discipline Committee Secretary of Wuxue City Forestry Bureau, resident of Wuxue City, Hubei Province.


In June 2000, Mr. Liao was detained because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. He was sent to Fanjiatai Labor Camp in Shayang City of Hubei Province.


Within a month of Mr. Liao’s arrival at the labor camp, camp guards He Ping, Shi Huaping, and Zu Jian instigated a group of criminals to beat him. One of his legs was broken during the torture and he became handicapped. One day, the camp guards brought Mr. Liao to the brickyard to torture him. In the brickyard kiln, the temperature is 80ºC (176ºF), and the burning bricks are red-hot. The camp guards pushed him onto a pile of burning bricks. Immediately, smoke came out from his burnt skin, and Mr. Liao lost consciousness instantly. The camp guards watched and laughed at his suffering. Another day, camp guard Xiao Tianbo forced Mr. Liao to put on handcuffs and shackles, and locked him into a room. Then Xiao assigned four criminals to torture him every day for 21 days. He was severely tortured. The camp guards also forced Mr. Liao to do heavy labor even though he was handicapped.


Due to the inhumane torture, Mr. Liao had injuries all over his body, and his face and ears were deformed.


type=Case, Torture; type=Labor Camp, Fanjiatai Labor Camp; location=Hubei, Wuxue; location=Hubei, Shayang

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