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Practitioners Tortured and Paralyzed for Distributing Falun Gong Materials in Hebei Province  
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Mr. Song Jianmin, male, resident of Zhengding County, Heibei Province, employee of Zhengding County government; Mr. Song’s wife; Ms. Zheng Lanrui, female, 39, resident of Zhengding County, Heibei Province, a secretary in the office of Sports Commission of Zhengding County. In June 2001, the police of Zhengding County arrested Mr. Song and Ms. Zheng because they practiced Falun Gong and for distributing Falun Gong material. The police confiscated cash and personal property worth more than 30,000 Yuan (average monthly salary is about 500 Yuan) from their home.


During the interrogation, Cai Shengli, the Deputy Chief of Politics and Security Section, handcuffed Mr. Song's hands from behind, forcing the handcuffs to cut into his flesh. Consequently Mr. Song lost consciousness twice from the pain. Cai then kicked Mr. Song's shins with his leather boots and broke his leg. Cai also ordered policeman Zhang Dongpin to beat Mr. Song with a wooden club. Mr. Song's back, legs, and buttocks turned bloody, black and became swollen after the beating. At night, his hands were handcuffed behind his back and tied to a bedpost at a height where he could not stand up or squat. He was forced to stay in this position until 8:00 a.m. the next day. The torture lasted for three days. Later, Mr. Song was sentenced to ten years in prison and sent to Zhengding County Detention Center.


At the same time, the police beat Ms. Zheng to the verge of death and also sent her to Zhengding County Detention Center. At the detention center, the police continued to torture her. After six months of the torture, they had to send her to the county hospital for emergency treatment to prevent her from dying. Ms. Zheng became paralyzed and cannot take care of herself. The practitioners’ employers stopped paying their salaries, leaving them and their children with no source of income to provide for their daily living.


type=Case,Freedom of Expression; type=Detention Center, Zhengding County Detention Center; location=HeBei,Zhengding

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