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Ju Yajun Died from Incompetent Force-Feeding and Injection of an Unknown Substance  
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Ju Yajun, male, 33, farmer from Yuquan Town, Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province


In January 2001, Mr. Ju Yajun was arrested in Acheng City because he refused to renounce Falun Gong. On July 5, 2001, he was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City. Eight days later he was transferred to the Changlinzi Labor Camp.


On October 8, 2001, Mr. Ju and other Falun Gong practitioners at Team 1 went on their third hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and inhuman treatment. On the 8th day of their hunger strike, the camp guards ordered several criminal prisoners to force-feed Mr. Ju. Their incompetence in forcing a tube into him caused internal injuries. After the forcefeeding, Mr. Ju went into a semi-comatose state. Nevertheless, the guards continued to have the prisoners force-feed him twice a day.


On the afternoon of October 21, 2001, Mr. Ju was injected with an unknown substance. This caused Mr. Juís neck to become stiff and he lapsed into a coma. By next morning, he breathed heavily and was unable to recognize anybody. On October 24, 2001, the camp officials told Mr. Juís family to pick him up. Mr. Juís family sent him immediately to the Harbin City Medical Collegeís 2nd Hospital for emergency treatment, but Mr. Ju did not recover and died at 4:18 a.m. on October 26, 2001.


type=Case,Death; type=Labor Camp, Wanjia Labor Camp; type=Labor Camp, Changlinzi Labor Camp; location=Heilongjiang,Acheng

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