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Han Junmiao Tortured at Baoding Mental Hospital and Detention Center in Baoding City  
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Han Junmiao, a 45-year-old female from Xiong County of Baoding city, Hebei province


Location of Detention and Torture:


1.      The Baoding Mental Hospital, Baoding city, Hebei province

2.      The Gaoyang detention center, Hebei province

3.      The Baoding detention center, Baoding city, Hebei province

4.      The Xiong County Police Station, Xiong County, Baoding city, Hebei province




1.      The Head of Gaoyang detention center, Hebei province

2.      The Head of Xiong County police Station, Xiong County, Baoding city, Hebei province

3.      The Head of Baoding Mental Hospital, Baoding city, Hebei province

4.      Zhao Shuhui, Dong Aihua and Wang Jianjun, policemen of Xiong County police Station, Xiong County, Baoding city, Hebei province


A Brief Report of the Incident:


In October 1999, because of practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Han Junmiao was arrested and detained in the local police station. Then she was sent to Baoding Mental Hospital by policemen Zhao Shuhui and Dong Aihua. In the year 2000, after she was released from the mental hospital, she was again arrested at home by policemen Dong Aihua and Wang Jianjun for practicing Falun Gong. After she had been detained for three months in the police station, she was sent to Baoding detention center, then transferred to Gaoyang detention center.


In Gaoyang detention center, at a midnight interrogation on November 30, 2000, because of not giving up Falun Gong, the police tortured her with shocks from electric batons and an electric generator on her palms, the bottoms of her feet, back, and many other sensitive places on her body. The police used rubber clubs and leather belts with metal buttons to beat her so brutally that she started vomiting blood.


From the midnight of December 6, she was tortured and beaten severely for three days and three nights until she vomited blood and fainted. She was sent to the hospital until she was eventually out of danger. She has experienced such midnight tortures six times, and each time the brutality increased. To protest against the fascist methods of the labor camp, she stood for more than 80 hours without any food or sleep. To punish her, the Labor Camp officials injected her with large amounts of drugs.


type = Case, Psychiatric; type=Case, Women; type=Detention Center, Gaoyang Detention Center; type=Detention Center, Baoding Detention Center; location= Hebei , Baoding

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