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Five Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured at Tangshan City Mental Hospital, Hebei Provin  
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1.      Qiu Liying, a female technician at Shijiazhuang Oil factory, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province

2.      Duan Jingjing, 24-year-old female from Hebei province

3.      He Jing, a 23- year-old female worker in Hualiang Commercial Building in Tangshan, Tangshan city, Hebei province

4.      Zhao Shuying, a 50-year-old female resident of Sanhe, Langfang city, Hebei province

5.      One more practitioner, from Hebei province


Location of Detention and Torture:


1.      Tangshan city Mental Hospital (also named No. 5 Hospital of Tangshan city), Tangshan city, Hebei province

2.      The No. 1 Labor Camp of Hebei province, Tangshan city, Hebei province




1.      The head of Tangshan city Mental Hospital, Tangshan city, Hebei province

2.      Dr. Xu of Tangshan city Mental Hospital, Tangshan city, Hebei province

3.      Dr. Bao of Tangshan city Mental Hospital, Tangshan city, Hebei province

4.      Zhang, the director of the Labor Camp Management Office, Tangshan city, Hebei province


A Brief Report of the Incident:


In June and July 2000, the No. 1 Labor Camp of Hebei province secretly sent practitioners Qiu Liying, Duan Jingjing, He Jing, and Zhao Shuying to the Tangshan city Mental Hospital because they insisted on practicing Falun Gong, refused to write repentance statements, and went on a hunger strike in the labor camp to resist their persecution.


The four of them were locked up with 40 patients who had severe psychiatric problems and were completely isolated from the outside world. The practitioners' charts were marked “Obsessive Psychosis,” though a series of mental examinations conducted upon admission showed they were normal people. Their family members were not informed that they had been sent to the mental hospital.


All of them had severe drug reactions, some of which were life-threatening. They had explained to the director several times that they were normal people and refused to take the drugs. But the male director told them this could be stopped only after they gave up Falun Gong. The head nurse reported to Zhang, the director of the Labor Camp Management Office, that they had a strong allergic reaction to the drugs. Zhang instructed to continue with the drugs.


When the practitioners went on hunger strikes in the hospital, the head nurse left feeding tubes in their stomachs for a week. The rubber tubes became enlarged inside their stomachs and esophaguses. Their throats swelled and were nearly blocked by phlegm. Another time, the head nurse brought some new tubes coated with a white powder. Without any disinfection process, she put the tubes down the practitioners' noses.


The hospital often utilized drugs and electric shocks. One practitioner's hands and feet began to tremble and she became very nervous and fearful after the shock. The hospital staff also tried to hide the crushed drugs in milk, but didn't succeed.


The hospital administered anti-psychotic drugs to Ms. Qiu, at a time when she had been on a hunger strike for three months and had a diastolic blood pressure of only 30.The next day, Ms. Qiu's face was swollen and breathing was difficult for her. However, the director of her ward floor and Dr. Bao insisted on giving her drugs and several electro-shock treatments.


After Ms. Duan was medicated, her tongue hung outside her mouth for as long as 12 hours, without her being able to draw it back into her mouth. She had heart palpitations. Her face, mouth, and tongue turned purple. She also had an explosive headache that made her roll back and forth on the bed and strike the wall. She later described those moments as “more unbearable than death.” Ms. Duan has a narrow nasal passage and could not sleep with the pain.


Ms. He was tied down on bed so the hospital staff could force fluids into her. The male director instructed the head nurse to double the doses because Ms. He refused to take the drug. Ms. He could not get up the next day. Her face was gray, she was confused, she slept day and night, and she was unaware of her incontinence.


 The hospital staff used new rubber tubes to force-feed the practitioners without any disinfection process. The new rubber tubing stung their nasal passages and made He Jing burst into tears and produce excessive nasal mucus. She developed a headache and palpitations because of this.


Ms. Zhao's hands and legs were tied to a bed, and several people held her down and stuck needles into her on her first day in the hospital. Her blood was all over the sheets and the floor. Her family members were not informed that Ms. Zhao was sent to the mental hospital.


In June 2000, one more practitioner was sent to this mental hospital by her work unit because she practiced Falun Gong. She was drugged and injected with drugs that made her delirious. She was given electric shocks for refusing to take the drugs, which made her nervous and lose consciousness many times. She cried loudly after waking up and begged her husband to take her home. The hospital refused to release her. Her work unit told her that she could be treated as a normal person and be discharged only after she gave up Falun Gong, otherwise she would be considered to have Obsessive Psychosis and would have to stay hospitalized and subjected to drugs, injections, and electric shocks.


type = Case, Psychiatric; type=Case, Women; type=Group, Psychiatric; type=Labor Camp, No. 1 Labor Camp of Hebei Province; location= Hebei , Tangshan

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