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Beijing Police Sent 52 Falun Gong Practitioners to Zhoukoudian Mental Hospital  
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List of 52 Falun Gong practitioners in Fangshan District, Beijing, held in Zhoukoudian Psychiatric Hospital:


Liu Wen (gender unknown), Wang Fenglong (male), Yang Yong (male), Wang Shuzhen (female), Chen Shumei (female), Yang Xuehua (gender unknown), Yang Xiuru (female), Liu Shengzhi (gender unknown), Xu Shufen (female), Wang Yingyuan (female), Zhang Yuzhen (female), Zhang Shihong (female), Cao Xiufen (female), Ren Shufen (female), Bai Xiulian (gender unknown), Jiang Xianglian (female), Su Fengxia (female), Yang Fenglian (female), Liu Yuxiang (female), Zhao Guomin (gender unknown), Jiang Shufen (female), Li Wanfeng (gender unknown), Shi Zhiguo (male), Hu Yajing (female), Xu Jianguang (male), Song Zhenlan (female), Cui Hongxia (female), Liu Shuying (female), Yu Huanfeng (female), Li Xiujuan (female), Cui Chuanzhong (male), Liu Xiuchen (male), Fan Xiuzhen (female), Zhang Cuihua (female), Li Huixin (gender unknown), Xu Hemin (male), Su Xiurong (female), Chen Shuling (female), Niu Shuzhen (female), Jiang Jingfang (female), Liu Chunhua (female), Gao Zhenxue (male), Liu Fengxia (female), Wang Xiuhui (female), He Guizhen (female), Yang Shufang (female), Liu Zhixia (female), Li Ruilian (female), Li Huiyun (gender unknown), Cui Xiuzhen (female), Liu Shuxin (female), Chen Wentong (male)


Location of Detention and Torture:


Zhoukoudian Mental Hospital, Fangshan District, Beijing




1.      Police officers of Fangshan Chengguan Police Station, Fangshan District, Beijing

2.      Director of Zhoukoudian Mental Hospital, Fangshan District, Beijing


A Brief Report of the Incident:


On Dec. 16, 1999, the Beijing Fangshan Chengguan Police Station arbitrarily sent more than 52 Falun Gong practitioners, whom the police had arrested merely because they practiced exercises of Falun Gong, to Zhoukoudian mental hospital, without any legal or medical procedures. According to authorities, practitioners were held in custody so that they could not protest during the return of Macao to China. And each of them had to pay 800 to 1000 Yuan (about two months wage for an ordinary worker in China) for “expenses.” The police officials made the decision when to release them from the mental hospital. Some of these practitioners underwent the agony of being forcibly injected with drugs, including powerful muscle relaxants, which wrecked their health and left them with permanent bodily damage


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