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  • Falun Gong Practitioners in Jiangxi Womenís Labor Camp Were Deprived of the Right to Health Care
  • 31-Year-Old Is Dying of Untreated Tuberculosis in the Shulan City Detention Center
  • Zou Yanjie's Feet Amputated Due to Persecution
  • After Returning to Falun Gong Practice, A Lady Is Miraculously Cured of Terminal Cancer
  • Zhang Zhong Reduced to a Skeleton in Prison
  • The Persecution Experienced by a Disabled Person
  • Zhu Xianzhi, Mother of Three, Arbitrarily Detained Multiple Times
  • Wang Minli Tortured and Became Homeless for Printing Falun Gong Materials
  • Formerly Healthy Man Died of Untreated Internal Injuries
  • Three Sisters Brutally Persecuted for Practicing Falun Gong
  • Practitioners Injected with the Nerve-Damaging Drug at Baimalong Labor Camp
  • Ligament Torn Apart at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp
  • A Former Judge Was Prohibited to Do Falun Gong Exercises and Died from Recurring Leukemia
  • Chen Xibu Had Multiple Heart Attacks during Detention, and Was Sentenced to Eight Years in Jail
  • Mentally Healthy Ms. Chen Yuqing Locked up in a Mental Hospital and Tortured
  • Liu Tongling Died from Torture and Deprivation of Medical Treatment
  • Zhang Xiaohong Died from Prolonged Torture
  • Ma Zhanmei Killed by Barbaric Force-Feeding
  • My Personal Experience of Being Mentally and Physically Tortured in the Huludao Labor Camp
  • Xiong Jinze Forced to Put on Heavy Tighten Jacket and Weighted Helmet for Seven Days
  • Beaten and Frozen, Urine in the Mouth, Ribs Broken, and Developed Anemia and Gallbladder Problems
  • Wang Yulin Tortured at the Hewan Forced Labor Camp
  • For His Belief, Wang Enchang is Tortured and Humiliated at Dalian Forced Labor Camp
  • The "610 Office" of Linyi City Used Snakes and Scorpions to Torture Falun Gong Practitioners
  • Wife's Arrests for her Belief Result in Husbandís Illness and Death
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