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Violence Against Children
Violations against children.
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  • A 16-Year-Old Forced into Slave Labor in Prison
  • Under the Persecution, Innocent Mother Murdered, Distraught Teen-Aged Daughter Attempts Suicide
  • "I Want My Mommy!" Cries Baby Wang Tianxing, Orphan of Practitioner Ms. Feng Xiaomin
  • A Big Family Torn Apart - One Child Dead and Others Suffering
  • Voice of a Five-Year-Old Child: “I Miss My Mommy – I Want My Mommy and Daddy Back!”
  • Sixteen-Year-Old Girl Sun Yubo Is Orphaned after Her Parents Are Persecuted to Death
  • A Twelve-year-old Child: “Who Can Save My Dad?”
  • The Tragedy of a Young Girl
  • Two Daughters Left in Care of 95-Year-Old Grandma after Their Mother was Persecuted to Death
  • Ms. Wang Huazhen Died after the Police Set Her on Fire; She Left Two Children, Feng Jun and Feng Hao
  • Mother Tortured, Police Send Homeless Child to Orphanage
  • Collection of Children Cases
  • "Mom and Dad, Please Come Back Home Soon"
  • Wife Tortured to Death, Husband Missing, Child Placed in Orphanage
  • The Persecution of Zang Yinyun and His Family
  • The Police Break Family Apart Grandmother Died and Children Left Alone
  • A Family Torn Apart Because of the Persecution of Falun Gong
  • Parents Illegally Jailed, Children Expelled From School
  • Three-Year-Old Child Detained in Fushun City Brainwashing Center
  • Huang Chunlin, a Ten-Year-Old, Deprived of Schooling, and Forced into Homelessness
  • Girls Forced to Listen while Mother is Tortured
  • Elementary School Student and Her Father Become Homeless to Avoid Persecution
  • Teenage Boy Shocked with Electric Baton and Severely Beaten
  • Wang Lixuan and Her Eight-Month-Old Son Tortured to Death in Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp
  • A 16-Year-Old Girl Tortured in the Police Station
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      Violence Against Children
      Violence Against Families (8 items)
      Violence Against Women (89 items)
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